Convert Current User Guides into an Index-Powered Tutorial Article

Resources for: Staff
  1. Open the main index page for the older article in need of conversion to Index feature from the backend
  2. Open a new window tab on your browser and create a new article with the same title, however this time replacing “User Guide” in the title with “Tutorial”, example “FDU Anywhere Tutorial
  3. Re-input Department, Meta-tags, etc into the article settings on the right hand panel, except this time choose “Tutorial” from the category list and set it as the primary Category from the dropdown
  4. In the main article header, add the new “Index Block” as the first item (no spacer needed)
  5. Next add in the new “Section Block” from the block manager under the index block and migrate (copy and paste) the section name from the previous old article (previous browser tab) to the Section settings found in the panel on the right
  6. Now add in the new “Part Block” from the block manager under the section block you just created and migrate (copy and paste) the name of the part from the previous older article (previous browser tab) to the Part settings found in the panel on the right
  7. Under the Part block, add in a “Header Block” set to H2 under the part block, pasting in the part name in here as well
  8. Go back to the previous older article and right click the hyperlink for the first part in the list and click “open in a new tab
  9. Once the article loads, click the “Edit” button on the top of the page from the WordPress bar
  10. Once the backend editor loads with the article, on your keyboard press “Command+A” (or windows equivalent). You should see the entire contents of the article on the page highlighted in light blue color
  11. On block settings editor on the top of the article, locate the more options button vertical strip of dots (•••) and click “Copy
  12. Go back to the new index article, and under the header you last made add a new paragraph block (your cursor should be blinking waiting for input directly under the H2 Header)
  13. On your keyboard, press “Command+V” (or windows equivalent). The content you just copied should appear in its entiredy. Confirm by comparing the first bits of content on the old part page and also the last
  14. Repeat this process until the entire older article is ported into the new Index-Powered Tutorial Article


Be sure to not forget to add in more Section Blocks when the older article calls for a new section

  1. Press “Save Draft” and alert Daniel it is ready for review.
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