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How do I receive an FDU laptop? 

All full-time faculty is entitled to receive an FDU laptop.

To acquire a FDU laptop, full-time faculty must memo or email message from their Dean stating their name and status as a full-time faculty member.  

This memo or Email must be sent to:

Manish Wadhwa
University Director for the Office of Academic Technology
Mail Code: H-DH2-15 -or- Email

Once the approval reaches Manish Wadhwa, appointments will be made based on the availability of the laptop computers. The University Director for the Office of Academic Technology will make appointments for approving for both the Metropolitan and Florham campuses. Manish’s contact information is as follows: (201)-692-7074 or Email 

How do I return an FDU laptop? 

All Metropolitan and Florham Campus faculty members leaving the university must schedule an appointment to return their laptop computer. 

An appointment must be made with Manish Wadhwa or Lisa Stadler for returning the laptop computer. The faculty member assigned the laptop must be present during the return.

Manish Wadhwa can be reached at the Metropolitan Campus at: 

Lisa Stadler can be reached at the Florham Campus at: 

Procedure for Laptop Recovery: 

Laptop and all laptop accessories must be returned including laptop case.  
Any missing accessories or laptop repairs needed will be documented on the form.  Individual faculty members are responsible for backing up the data in their laptop computers before returning them. The Office of Academic Technology will not transfer or back-up any data. 

Laptop Accessories 

If you would like to order laptop accessories, please contact Lisa Stadler at (973)-443-8689. Here is a list of some of the accessories available for your FDU Lenovo laptop. 

  • Mouse 
  • External Keyboard 
  • External Monitor 
  • Bluetooth Devices 
  • Docking station

(A docking station allows you to easily plug-in your laptop to access common computer peripherals. It enables your laptop computer to function more like a desktop computer. The FDU Lenovo ThinkPads are able to connect to a specific docking station.)

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