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All of our IT systems and processes are designed with the assumption that devices ‘check in’ with the Campus Network frequently. We have never been faced with a scenario whereby hundreds of devices have been off-network for an extended period of time. Therefore, for any employees returning for the first time since March or April of last year, we assume some IT issues may arise when you first arrive back on campus.

The following list will help you manage through your first few days back on Campus:

  • University Wireless Certificates were updated during the year. Individuals will need to make sure to connect to FDU-Secure and not FDU-Wireless. When doing so, a new certificate will need to be accepted. Instructions can be found following the link below:
  • Individuals might experience long start-up times when first powering up a desktop computer. This could last for several days while things update and finalize on your system, causing your system to be sluggish.
  • Network connections may need to be re-activated due to non-usage. In addition, printers and computers may need intervention from Computing Services to re-establish a proper network connection. Please contact the UTAC if you have difficulty printing to a campus network printer.
  • Some desktops may need an OS Feature update – outdated operating systems negatively affect a computer’s performance.
  • University Security Software will need to be updated.
  • You will need to have your Bitlocker PIN to unlock and boot your computer. If you do not remember the Bitlocker Pin, you can call the UTAC to obtain one.
  • You must know your University NET ID username and password. If you do not remember your NETID password, you can call the UTAC and obtain a temporary password.
  • All Desktops taken home will require system configuration changes to ensure proper functionality.
  • As a reminder, the University converted to eFax in May 2020. This was a permanent change made due to Unified Communication, but the timing was perfect for remote working. No fax machines on campus function any longer, including the Toshiba’s. Please continue to use our eFax portal to manage inbound and outbound faxes.

Users who experience problems upon returning to the workplace will need to open a UTAC ticket. To contact the University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC) by phone, call (973)-443-8822 or by clicking the “Support” button at the top of this page. It is our plan to service all users with issues as soon as possible, but it is important to note that with the number of users returning to campus and our limited IT staff, we cannot guarantee immediate availability. Users should be prepared for potential downtime during those first few days if they have any issues with their equipment.

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