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Connecting a mobile device to the “FDU-Secure” Wireless Network

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Learn how to connect your Apple or Android mobile devices to the FDU-Secure wireless network. ChromeOS and or Chromebook devices will utilize the Android settings listed below to connect to the FDU-Secure wireless network.

Warning Warning

FDU Computing Services does not support ChromeOS and or Chromebook hardware except for explicitly connecting said devices to the FDU-Secure wireless network.

Apple iOS and iPad Mobile Devices
  1. From your Apple mobile device’s Home screen, locate and tap the Settings app
  1. Tap Wi-Fi within the “Settings” app
  1. Tap FDU-Secure
  1. Enter your FDU NetID credentials when prompted and then tap Join
  1. Tap Trust when prompted to accept the wireless security certificate; if you do not complete this step, you will not be able to connect to the FDU-Secure wireless network successfully
  1. After joining the FDU-Secure wireless network successfully, you will see a blue checkmark next to the network name and the “connected” Wi-Fi icon in the upper top portion of your device display
Android Mobile Devices
  1. Open your Android mobile or ChromeOS device’s Settings app
  1. Tap Network & internet > Internet within the “Settings” app
  1. Tap FDU-Secure from the listed nearby networks
  1. Enter the configuration information as seen below
Faculty & Staff
Phase 2 AuthenticationMSCHAPV2
CA CertificateUse system certificates
NOTE: Some devices do not have this option. Instead, select the “Do not validate” or “Trust on First Use” options if available.
IdentityYour FDU e-mail address
Anonymous Identity Can be ignored
PasswordYour FDU email password

If your device does not already have system certificates installed and you selected “Do not validate” you will see a warning message about security/privacy. It is safe to connect to our network; this is just a general message from the operating system.

“Do not validate” Warning

On Android devices with OS versions 11 and above, the “Do not validate” CA Certificate option has been removed as a menu option. “Trust on First Use” or “Use system certificates” must be used to successfully connect the mobile device to the FDU-Secure wireless network in this case. If the “Trust on First Use” CA Certificate option is selected, you will see a warning message requiring you to tap “Yes connect.”

“Trust on First Use” Warning
  1. Tap Connect
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