Project Video Management

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Project Storage

Multimedia Services ensures the long-term preservation of all video material by storing and backing it up indefinitely on Sony CI, our cloud-based video storage library. This comprehensive backup encompasses everything from raw footage and project files to graphic files and the final program. Should your video project require updates in the future, we have the capability to access and revise the project as needed.

Project Delivery

Multimedia Services delivers final program material using, offering a rapid, secure way to send large files. This platform facilitates team collaboration with features for leaving time-coded notes. While the link enables previews and approvals by project stakeholders, it is not intended for long-term storage. After video approval and download, the content is archived and the link will expire.

Should you require access to a completed project, please email


If you need to access to a previously completed project after the link expires, requesting a new link may take 3-5 business days.

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