Budget Transfers and Invoicing

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Project Quotes

Upon request, we are able to provide an initial quote for your video project, giving you an estimated cost. For a more accurate estimate, please provide as many details as possible about the project. To initiate your video project and request a quote, please email


Quoted prices serves as an estimate and the final price may exceed the initially quoted amount, depending on the actual hours worked to complete the project.

Invoicing After Project Completion

Once a project is completed, an invoice will be generated that accurately reflects the predetermined cost associated with the production. An e-mail will be sent to the initial contractor of the production, and a GL account number will be requested to be added to the invoice and sent to Finance to complete the transfer.


Prior to the processing of any budget transfers, it’s mandatory for the invoice to receive written approval from the either the supervisor in charge of the GL budget code, or the project leader. This step ensures proper authorization and accountability.

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