Required Process

Voice Services supports cellular services for faculty and staff for both FDU New Jersey Campuses.

In order to obtain a University provided cellular device, approval must be given by an Officer of the University along with the budget manager of your department. Any requests should be submitted through Voice Services with the approvals required by email.

All cellular service purchases must meet Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Cellular Policy.

Types of Cellular Devices/Services

Basic Cell Phones

Obtaining a basic cellular phone gives you the ability to make calls and text. There is a monthly charge for voice required with this device.


Obtaining a smartphone gives you the ability to make calls, text, email, and access the internet. There is a monthly charge for voice and data required with this device.

For a list of current devices available to FDU through Verizon Wireless please email


This service can be activated on a University provided iPad. This service is for domestic use only. There is a monthly charge for data required with this service.


This device is a 4G LTE mobile hotspot (mobile WIFI) and can be used with your laptop or iPad. Depending on the Jetpack model you are using it can be connected to multiple devices at one time. There is a monthly charge for voice and data required with this device

Mobile Hotspot

This service can be added to an existing FDU smartphone and is used as a WIFI hotspot on your smartphone. This is a domestic service only. There is a monthly charge required for this service.

International Services

Before you travel internationally, please email Voice Services. It is imperative that you request this change at least 3 business days prior to leaving the U.S. to ensure the changes are made and validated.

For additional support, click the blue “Support” icon at the top of the screen, or log into to ask a question or request assistance. If you can’t access SAMI Support, you can still log a ticket HERE, call UTAC at (973)-443-8822, or email UTAC at To learn more about UTAC, please visit

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