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Fairleigh Dickinson University is concerned about the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Since 2007, FDU has used FDU Alert to expand and enhance its emergency notification methods. FDU Alert can be used to provide pertinent information and instructions to the FDU community through voice, text, and email messaging. FDU Alert provides the technology to rapidly mass broadcast health, safety and informational messages to keep the FDU community informed and safe in times of emergency and other urgent situations. Examples of unforeseen events and disruptions include snow days, floods, power outages, campus incidents and major schedule changes.

Every second counts when a crisis or disaster strikes. FDU Alert provides a means to send broadcast messages to the FDU community, via a variety of communication methods (including land-line, mobile, and satellite phones, email, instant messaging, text messaging, fax, pager, and more), quickly and efficiently. The objectives of FDU Alert are to reach people quickly, disseminate important information, and reduce miscommunications in emergency situations.

It is highly important that the FDU community embrace FDU Alert and registers and maintains communications devices (done through Webadvisor at ( In return, registered users of FDU Alert will be ensured of the judicious and appropriate use of FDU Alert as described in the FDU Alert Use Policy.

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