This is a handy little “cheat-sheet” for students, faculty and staff who are trying to understand some of the computer lingo used on campus. The terms that seem to cause the most confusion for most people all start with the string “Web”. That is not surprising because there are three systems that start with “Web”: Webadvisor, Webcampus and Webmail.


Webadvisor is a product made by Ellucian, FDU’s administrative system vendor. Webadvisor does different things for different people depending upon their role at the University.

Webadvisor for Students:

  • Search for Classes
  • Register for Classes
  • Access Class Schedule
  • Print an Unofficial Transcript
  • Check Term Grades
  • Degree Audit
  • Declaration to Graduate
  • Accept or Reject Financial Aid
  • Check Financial Aid Awards
  • View/Print Financial Aid Award Letter
  • Check Account Balance
  • Make a Payment (link to a third-party)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information
  • FERPA Emergency Releases
  • Parent/Guardian/Other Access to Student Information

Webadvisor for Faculty:

  • Search for Classes
  • View Term Class Schedule
  • View Term Rosters
  • Grading On-Line
  • Advisee Information
  • Degree Audit Advising
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Non-Attendance Forms
  • Budget Inquiry (Authorized faculty only)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information

Webadvisor for Staff:

  • Budget Inquiry (Authorized staff only)
  • View Personal/Sick/Vacation Leave Balances (Non-Exempt Staff)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information

A new undergraduate student (freshman or transfer) will get a Webadvisor account after they do two things: obtain an FDU email account (Webmail) and register for classes either through Enrollment Services or their advisor.  After doing these two things, the student will receive an email within two (2) BUSINESS days in their FDU email account saying that their Webadvisor account has been created and that they should use their email credentials as their login credentials for Webadvisor. Graduate students must create their email account and then send an email to from their new FDU email account to request Webadvisor access.  The MIS Department is responsible for Webadvisor and help is available by writing to .  


Webcampus is a course content management system. FDU’s Webcampus is also known as the Blackboard System. On-line courses are taught through this system which also allows for interaction between the student and faculty member as well as on-line class discussions. Webcampus is handled by the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology department. The Organization feature in Webcampus is used by many faculty and staff members of the University. To access the Webcampus system, an individual must have a Webmail account. Any questions or problems with Webcampus should be funneled through the Help Desk. The Help Desk can be reached by phone at 973-443-8822 or via email to .


Webmail is FDU’s email system and is a means of electronic communication among all faculty, staff and students, as well as off-campus individuals.  It is important that every student have an FDU email account since an FDU email account is a pre-requisite of attaining a Webadvisor or Webcampus account.  The FDU email system is handled by the University Systems and Security Department.  Any questions or problems with Webmail should be funneled through the Help Desk.  The Help Desk can be reached by phone at (973)-443-8822 or via email to

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