Account Setup

NWN Cloud Self-Service Portal Account Setup

Resources for: Faculty Staff
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The NWN Cloud Self-Service portal allows you to manage and view your phone settings.

  1. Call UTAC at (973)-443-8822 and let them know you are accessing your NWN Cloud Self-Service portal for the first time. UTAC will provide you a temporary password for logging in the first time
  2. Visit the self-service portal at
  3. Enter your full in the login field. Example: (
  4. Enter your NWN Cloud account password and click “Enter
  5. Next click on your Name on the top right of the screen. Hover over the drop-down menu and click “My Account
  1. Under “Web Password” un-check the checkbox, next to keep current value, and input set a custom password. When done, click “Apply” in the top right corner
  1. Your account is now active.
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