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Editing Process

Editing projects can vary greatly in complexity, from straightforward cuts to those requiring specific graphics, logos, music tracks, and lower-thirds. To ensure a smooth and efficient editing process, it’s important to communicate these requirements to our team prior to production. This allows us to be prepared and begin editing shortly after the video has been recorded.

For more complex video projects, involving a variety of unique elements like graphics, B-ROLL, transitions, voiceovers, and music tracks, collaboration between the editor and producer is key. This process typically involves the editor sending raw footage to the producer, who then uses the Frame.io platform to make edit decisions and provide additional stylistic guidance.

A preview version is created based on this feedback and emailed back to the producer for review. This cycle of review and revision may require several iterations, potentially two to four passes, before reaching a final version. This final product is then subject to approval by individuals responsible for the video project, ensuring that it meets all necessary standards and criteria.

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