Trouble Connecting to Zoom

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If you are scheduled to attend class using Zoom and you run into technical difficulties, here are some steps you can take.

Common Fixes for Zoom Connection Issues

  1. Do. Not. Panic. This shift to distance learning is a sudden change. We will do everything we can to support your learning
    • Try your best to progress through the steps and troubleshooting resources below. Join when you are able. You can use the chat or hand-raising function once you join the class to let the faculty know if you have questions.
  2. Try to exit Zoom and open it again
  3. Try to restart your device and re-open Zoom
  4. Check that you do not have pop-ups blocked. Also check that you have “allowed” the Zoom browser extension to operate, if needed
  5. Try on a different device, if you have access to one. If you do not have access to a different device, proceed to step 6
  6. If you still cannot access Zoom after taking these steps, please contact the University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC) with a description of the problem (e.g., error message that you received). Please also bring the issue to the attention of your instructor so they can let you know what you missed in the class session that you were unable to attend

More Resources for Troubleshooting with Zoom

The following troubleshooting guide gives support for all devices that Zoom supports.

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