Cisco Unified Communications Headset Selection and Pricing

Resources for: Faculty Staff
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As a staff or faculty member, you can request a Headset for the new Cisco IP Unified Communications system.

Below you will find PDF’s containing headset offerings and the pricing sheet.

Note: With the selection of a headset, please note which Cisco phone model your headset will being connecting to.

The prices on this sheet have been pre-negotiated with our vendor. A quote is not needed to place an order for one of the approved headsets. Only approved headsets can be attached to Unified Communications devices.

Any questions, please contact Megan Kogut at (203)-851-7083

For additional support, click the blue “Support” icon at the top of the screen, or log into samisupport.fdu.edu to ask a question or request assistance. If you can’t access SAMI Support, you can still log a ticket HERE, call UTAC at (973)-443-8822, or email UTAC at fdutac@fdu.edu. To learn more about UTAC, please visit https://it.fdu.edu/help-desk/

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