What is the Law?

If you produce or distribute videos in the United States, your content may be subject to federal regulations regarding accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing. The rules are adapting to the digital age.

Transcription and Closed Captioning

All video projects produced by Multimedia Services must be closed captioned and transcribed. Captions appear onscreen simultaneously with the audio and video and follows the same timing. It exists within the video player. A transcript is the same word-for-word content as captions, but presented in a separate document, whether it is a text file, word processing document, PDF, or web page.

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Editing Process

While some editing projects are straight forward, some require specific graphics, logos and music tracks as well as lower-thirds. This information should be communicated to us prior to the production itself since editing may occur soon after the video has been recorded.

Collaborative Editing Process

When editing a complex video project (one that requires a significant amount of unique graphics, b-roll, transitions, voice overs, music tracks, etc.) it is imperative that there be a collaboration between editor and producer. This is generally facilitated by sending raw footage to the producer who then provides an edit decisions using platform. This can also include additional information as to style. Once the edit is received a preview version is produced and e-mailed back to the producer. This process can take two, three, or even four passes before a final version is rendered and approved by various individuals who control content that resides on FDU’s YouTube Channel or website.

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