Important IT Changes and Information

August 30, 2022

Welcome back! With the start of the Fall semester upon us, I would like to keep our faculty and staff apprised of some important information regarding our IT environment.


Please be aware that your personal FDU OneDrive storage should not be used as a network or department share. If your department requires that functionality, we ask that you set up a Departmental Shared Drive. To proceed with requesting a Departmental Share, please ask your department head to visit and complete the form titled Department Shared Drive Request (Faculty and Staff Only)

Legacy Email Authentication

On Sept 19th, certain legacy email authentication methods will be disabled from our environment.  This action is being taken to comply with new standards enacted by Microsoft.  If one of your email clients stops receiving new messages as of 9/19, you will need to update your email authentication.  Please visit the link below for full instructions:

Office 365 Group and Team Expiration Policy

Please be aware that teams and groups within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Sharepoint expire after one full year of inactivity. If you currently have an inactive group or team, please keep an eye out for a notification from Microsoft. Microsoft sends notices 30 days, 15 days, and 1 day before your team or group is set to expire. To keep your inactive team or group for another year, simply click the renew button within the email.

H: Drive

OIRT is simplifying file shares on Windows machines. Instead of using multiple drive letter mappings, all your folders are consolidated under the H: drive. We ask that you please start using the H: drive for all files that need to be stored in the cloud. On October 12, all other drive letters will be removed.

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