Lenovo Laptop Refresh Begins July 12th

June 30, 2021

The Computing Services department is excited to announce the beginning of the laptop portion of our 2021 Technology Refresh. The refresh will be performed on site at both Florham and Metropolitan Campuses from Monday, July 12, 2021 through Friday, October 1, 2021.  All faculty and staff with Lenovo laptops are required to schedule a refresh appointment. 

The refresh will occur at the following locations:

  • Metropolitan Campus: First floor of Edward Williams Hall (The old library)
  • Florham Campus: Monninger Center (The Orangerie)

As part of the technology refresh, every employee will be asked to change their Net ID Password. This is mandated by the Data Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) in accordance with the University’s Password Policy.


At this time, we are ONLY refreshing Lenovo PC’s. We will send out an additional communication later this summer when the MAC replacement computers are available.

Please visit the link below to schedule your appointment NOW!

appointment NOW! As long as each user follows the detailed instructions provided, our new processes will allow you to swap your laptop in less time than in previous years. Additionally, the scheduling page contains a phone number for each refresh site. This hotline can be used to assist you with any questions that arise AFTER the refresh has been complete.

Please see the 6/14/21 email titled “Return to Campus Information” to learn about the University’s current policies. Employees that have a medical accommodation in place for FY22 and cannot come to campus to pick up their new laptop should contact Rose D’Ambrosio at dambrosi@fdu.edu to discuss alternate arrangements.

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