Network Edge Equipment Test

October 27, 2021

On November 4, between 8AM and 9AM Eastern, USAN will be performing a test on our network Edge equipment. We need to perform this test during our regular hours of operation to monitor activity with our real traffic flow.

During this brief window, users on the Metropolitan and Florham campuses may experience intermittent outage of wired and wireless internet service. This includes access to the wired and wireless internet, as well as access to New Jersey based FDU resources such as network drives, online grading,, VPN, and Blackboard. Users on the Vancouver campus and off campus may be unable to access New Jersey based FDU resources intermittently.

We understand the inconvenience that network downtime can cause for our community. Thank you for your understanding and please reach out to our Technical Assistance Center at (973)-443-8822 if you have any questions.

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