Software Update for Cisco Jabber

December 15, 2020

The University has been notified of a vulnerability in our current version of Cisco Jabber. Cisco has released a software update to address this vulnerability, which we will push to any user that currently has Jabber installed on their FDU machine. This process will begin at 9AM tomorrow and should be completed for all Jabber users between noon and 1PM. If you are not a Jabber user there will be no impact to you. The update will occur automatically and will remove the old version of Jabber before installing the new version. If you are on a call when your machine receives the update, your call will be disconnected. Otherwise, the update will be completed without any impact to the community, and should take less than 10 minutes.

Please check your Jabber software version by clicking on the settings (gear) icon at the top right of the Jabber screen. Then go to Help, followed by “About Cisco Jabber”. The correct version after the update will be If you do not see this version by the end of day tomorrow, please inform our University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC) at (973)-443-8822 or create a ticket using the support button in the top bar. 

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.

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