Upgrading to Windows 11 is Not Yet Recommended

February 23, 2022

Once per month, Microsoft sends a security update which is a mix of helpful security fixes, application updates and improvements. As an enterprise Microsoft client, FDU has the ability to test these updates and push them to our community after they have been deemed ready for our users. This month, Microsoft launched the Windows 11 operating system as part of the monthly update. Since they are eager for users to adopt the new OS, Microsoft began sending the option to upgrade to Windows 11 directly to FDU Windows computers. 

If you receive the option to upgrade to Windows 11, as shown below, we ask that you choose to “Stay on Windows 10 for now”. In addition to some reports of data loss and application issues, there is the potential for conflicts with FDU specific services and features. The University is actively testing Windows 11 and as soon as we are ready to support the new OS, we will send a follow-up alert with further information as to how to upgrade via self-service.

Barring special releases which are out of our control, we work tirelessly to ensure that these patches are distributed without impacting the community. Thank you for your understanding.

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