Computer Lab Reservation Policy

Due to the increasing demand of the academic computer facilities, a general document detailing the policies for computer lab reservations has been outlined. This policy is created to provide faculty, staff and students with equitable access to campus computing lab resources. Most computer labs are used as classrooms and they are available for open-access use when there are no classes in session.

  1. There are currently four Computing Services computer labs which can be used for classroom instruction on each campus. They are: D206, D207, D208, and D209, which are in the Dreyfuss Building on the Florham Campus. On the Metropolitan Campus, they are:  DH2163 and DH2164 in Dickinson Hall and UH Front Lab (UH22) and UH Back Lab (UH28) in University Hall. Also, there are three multimedia labs, two on the Florham campus and one on the Metropolitan campus. The multimedia labs for the Florham Campus (D211-Animation and ZEN110 – Graphic Design) are in the Dreyfuss and ZEN Buildings. On the Metropolitan campus, the multimedia lab (MML) is in Becton Hall (Rm. 403). The multimedia labs are primarily used for courses offered by the FDU School of the Arts. All labs are equipped with a LaserJet printer, color printer, and a data projector.
  2. To reserve a computer lab, a faculty or staff member must fill out a Lab Reservation Request Form, preferably prior to the start of a semester. This form must be signed by the instructor who will be teaching the course. The lab reservation request form is available at the Office of Enrollment Services, the Lab Assistant station of any Computing Services office, and on the web at Lab Reservation Form This form must be filled out completely and accurately or processing delays may result.
  3. Requests for the entire semester are processed on a first come first serve basis. These requests are processed by the Scheduling Officers in the department of Enrollment Services.
  4. Requests for specific dates during the semester are processed on a first come first serve basis. These requests should be submitted to the Lab & Operations Manager in the department of Computing Services. If all the labs are occupied during the requested time, instructors will be asked to either choose a different date or time or plan to make arrangements with other instructors who have the lab reserved during that time. If an agreement cannot be reached with another instructor, the instructor requesting to use the lab should then approach the Dean of their department with the request. If the Dean is not able resolve the issue, the request should be taken to the Campus Executive for the final decision.
  5. Confirmations will be emailed to the departments or individual instructors making the request. Requests made during the semester will be confirmed based on the preference selected by the requestor on the Lab Reservation Request Form.  The processing time for all lab requests made during a semester is one week.  Please keep this in mind when submitting your lab reservations.  To ensure you receive your confirmation in time, submit your reservation one week or more prior to the day the lab is needed.  For instructions on How to Reserve a Computer Lab, please see the article listed below.
  6. Any changes made to the original request in day, time, or location will be treated as a new request.
  7. The requestor is responsible for enforcing all lab rules during the time the lab is scheduled. If a student or faculty member is violating lab rules, the lab assistants have the right to approach the individual at that time.  To prevent interruption during class time, we stress that the lab rules be adhered to by all occupants including faculty and staff.
  8. Faculty and staff who have reserved a lab are responsible for notifying the Lab & Operations Manager if the class has been cancelled. This will allow the Computing Services department to keep an updated, accurate schedule.
  9. If a scheduled class is absent for three consecutive weeks without prior notification, the lab reservation will be cancelled, and future reservations will be subject to further questioning before a confirmation is received.

If you have any questions regarding the lab reservation policy, please contact Lauren Elgin via email at:

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