Connecting to FDU’s Wireless Networks

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The following guides provide an overview of connecting to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s wireless network. Whether you’re a guest, staff, or student, using FDU-owned or personal devices, these articles provide essential steps for secure and efficient connectivity across various equipment, including non-PC and mobile devices.

Connect to FDU-Secure Wi-Fi

Follow these steps to connect to the FDU-Secure wireless network, which adheres to the latest encryption standards.

Connecting to FDU-Secure Wi-Fi

Connect a Non-PC Device to Wi-Fi

Follow these steps to connect various non-PC devices, including IoT, gaming, and streaming gadgets, to FDU’s wireless network.

FDU-Wireless for Non-PC Devices

Connect to FDU Wireless as a Guest

Follow these steps to create a guest wireless account, ensuring secure and convenient access for your campus visitors.

FDU-Wireless for Guests

Click the link below to view where our Wireless networks are available on our NJ Campuses:

Last Modified: March 7, 2024