Dark Mode Now on IT.FDU.EDU

OIRT is excited to announce the introduction of the Dark Mode on IT.FDU.EDU, designed to enhance your user experience and make browsing more comfortable, especially during the night or in low-light environments. What makes this feature truly impressive is its seamless integration with your device’s settings. If your device is already set to Dark Mode, our website will automatically mirror this preference, providing you with a consistent and visually pleasing browsing experience across your digital platforms.

We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to screen brightness and color themes. So, to give you full control over your browsing environment, we have made it possible to manually toggle Dark Mode on or off.

On desktops, you will find this option at the bottom left of the main menu:

On a mobile device or tablet, simply press the hamburger button to pull up the options menu, and then scroll to the bottom to locate the Dark Mode toggle:

This flexibility allows you to adapt the visual interface of IT.FDU.EDU to your specific needs, whether you’re browsing late at night or during the day.

Last Modified: May 16, 2023