Deleting Web Browser Cookies

Select your browser below to learn how to delete your web browser cookies.

  • Google Chrome

    Click on the three dots and select Settings.Select Advanced to show the advanced settings. Select Content settings.Select Cookies.Click the garbage can icon to delete the cookies.

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Click on the three lines and select OptionsSelect the Privacy & Security tab and click Manage Data found under Cookies and Site Data.Select and select Remove Selected, select Save Changes when finished.

  • Safari

    Open Safari Preferences and select the Privacy tab.Select Manage Website DataSelect and click Remove.

  • Internet Explorer

    Click on the Settings “Gear” located on the top right of the browser, select Internet OptionsDelete in the Browser History sectionUncheck all boxes listed, except Cookies and website data, click Delete when finished

Last Modified: May 2, 2023 icon icon Copy Link