Printing at Home while Connected to FDU VPN

Resources for: Faculty Staff


When I am connected to the FDU VPN or Cisco AnyConnect Adapter, I am unable to print documents while working from home.


While connected to the FDU VPN network, you are unable to access any local printers or network devices / services to help protect your computer from various threats while working outside of the FDU Campus Network.


In order to Print, please disconnect from the VPN client, and once your documents have printed, reconnect.


Print jobs will continue to queue while you’re connected to the FDU VPN and will print when you disconnect from the VPN.

You can also connect a USB cable from the printer, to your laptop, where available, and you can remain on the FDU VPN and print anything you need.

For additional support, click the blue “Support” icon at the top of the screen, or log into to ask a question or request assistance. If you can’t access SAMI Support, you can still log a ticket HERE, call UTAC at (973)-443-8822, or email UTAC at To learn more about UTAC, please visit

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