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Cost Associated with Production and Post Production

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Video Production

Multimedia Services operates as a cost recovery center. We are not a profit center, so our pricing is significantly less than any outsourced production, while offering exceedingly high production values.
Pricing for a single or two camera production are $350.00 per day, per camera.

Post Production

Post Production costs are charged at the rate of $45.00 per hour. Depending upon complexity, running time and the number of preview adjustments, the average time to edit a project is between 4 and 6 hours.


All videos that will be distributed on line must be ADA compliant. This includes closed captions and transcription. The charges for this service are $1.00 per minute of video for captions and transcriptions respectively.

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Health & Safety Procedures for Production Filming During Health Crisis

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We have carefully adapted the way we work and collaborate with each other where necessary. More than ever, it is imperative we employ every possible safety precaution when and where we’re able to film, to ensure all FDU productions meet the highest safety standards.

While on-site filming is typically quite low contact by nature, we have adopted procedures outlined by the CDC while upholding local social distancing requirements so that vital video productions can continue safely.

Crew Size

  • Having only 1 creator on-site when possible


  • Sanitizing equipment, stools, and door handles before and after filming
  • Sanitizing microphones before use and after use
  • Guiding subject of application of lapel microphones without contact

Personal Hygiene

  • Washing hands before and after filming
  • Wearing of masks and gloves between filming to further decrease exposure

Social Distancing

  • Implementing 6 feet distance between camera operator and subject at all times

Due to low-supplies, we ask that you bring your own gloves and masks. If you do not have access to PPE gear, PPE gear will be provided for you before entering the studio.

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Video Production Services (on campus)

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When scheduling a video production on Campus it is important to provide a detailed description of what is expected, and what is most important. This will allow the videographer to anticipate any issues depending upon the location on campus.

One Camera Production or Two Camera Production

While almost all video recordings can be produced with one camera, there are certain events where two cameras would be preferable. For example, a panel discussion where there are several participants a two-camera production would reduce the amount of panning and zooming which can prove distracting and annoying, particularly if the presentation is of significant length. The same is also true for multi-person interview style events. For examples please visit the FDU YouTube Channel.

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