Connecting a Non-PC Device to Wi-Fi

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This article is intended for students, staff, and faculty who wish to connect their non-PC, IoT, gaming, or streaming devices to the FDU-Wireless network. Devices that require registration include gaming consoles (such as Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) and streaming devices (like Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Roku).


FDU-Wireless is only for non-PC, IoT, gaming, or streaming devices that do not support WPA2 Enterprise authentication or features a web browser.

Registering a Non-PC Device for use on FDU-Wireless Network

Use the link and directions below to register and manage wireless network access for your non-PC devices.

  1. Sign in into FDU MyDevices portal using the link below using your FDU NetID. Make sure to check “I agree to the terms and conditions” button before clicking “Sign On

FDU MyDevices Portal

  1. Select “Add” to begin registering a device
  1. Enter your device type and your device’s MAC Address into the corresponding text boxes. An optional description may be entered for your device as well. Your device’s MAC Address must be entered to register the device and continue. Refer to your devices manufacture for instructions on how to obtain the devices MAC Address. When finished, select “Submit


Some devices have their MAC Address labeled alongside it’s Serial number.

Your device should now be listed on MyDevices Portal and allowed to connect to the FDU-Wireless network. It may be necessary to select the FDU-Wireless network on your device or restart your device before successfully connecting to the wireless network


Once your device is added, the status will always remain as Pending. However you will be able to connect the device to FDU-Wireless regardless of this status.

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FDU Wireless Network Coverage Maps for NJ Campus’

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The maps below highlight the buildings at Fairleigh Dickinson University with wireless networking on the Metropolitan Campus, and College at Florham.

Metropolitan Campus

Click or Tap Image to Enlarge

1. Bancroft Hall – General Coverage
2. Williams Hall -– General Coverage
3. Fitness Center – General Coverage
4. Northpointe Residence Hall – General Coverage
5. Robison Hall – General Coverage
6. Robison Hall Annex – General Coverage
7. Muscarelle Center – General Coverage
8. Kron Administration Building – General Coverage
9. University Hall – General Coverage
10. Alumni Hall – General Coverage
11. Metropolitan Campus Library – General Coverage
12. Becton Hall – General Coverage
13. to 22. University Court Residence Halls 1 to 10 – General Coverage
23. Public Safety Office – General Coverage
24. Interfaith Chapel – General Coverage
25. International Student Services – General Coverage
26. EOF Office – General Coverage
27. 840 River RoadNo Coverage
28. HousekeepingNo Coverage
29. 835 SUB Lane – General Coverage
30. 839 SUB LaneNo Coverage
31. Dean of Students – General Coverage
32. Greg Olsen Student Union – General Coverage
33. to 40. Linden Court Residence Halls – General Coverage
41. Knight Spot – General Coverage
42. Residence Life – General Coverage
43. Banta Coe HouseNo Coverage
44. River House – General Coverage
45. Student Counseling and Psychological Services – General Coverage
46. University Mail Services (10 Woodridge Ave) General Coverage
47. External Building (1 Woodridge Ave)No Coverage
48. Center for Psychological Services (131 Temple Ave) – General Coverage
49. Center for Psychological Services (139 Temple Ave) – General Coverage
50. Rothman Center – General Coverage
51. Dickinson Hall – General Coverage
52. Softball FieldNo Coverage
53. Edward Williams Hall – General Coverage
54. Field House – General Coverage
54b. Naimoli Family Baseball ComplexNo Coverage
54b. Soccer Field – General Coverage
54b. Tennis CourtsNo Coverage
55. 1154 River Rd. – General Coverage

College at Florham

Click or Tap Image to Enlarge

1. Hennessy Hall (Mansion) – General Coverage
2. Reuter’s RockNo Coverage
3. Science Building – General Coverage
4. East Cottage – General Coverage
5. West Cottage – General Coverage
6. Zen Building (Stadler-Zenner-Hoffmann La Roche) – General Coverage
7. Ferguson Recreation Center – General Coverage
8. Dreyfuss Building – General Coverage
9. Rothman Building (Admissions Office) – General Coverage
10. Black Box Theater – General Coverage
11. The Barn (Public Safety, Campus Facilities) – General Coverage
12. Chaine House – General Coverage
15. Monninger Center (Library) – General Coverage
16. Orangerie – General Coverage
17. Public Relations – General Coverage
18. Frank Santoloci Student Center – General Coverage
19. Twombly Residence Halls – General Coverage
20. Village Residence Halls – General Coverage
21. Park Avenue Residence Halls – General Coverage
23. Rutherford Residence Hall – General Coverage
24. Wellness Center – General Coverage
25. Gatehouse – General Coverage
25b. Baseball Field – General Coverage
25b. Soccer FieldNo Coverage
25b. Football Field – General Coverage

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Wireless Guest Account Creation

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Fairleigh Dickinson University regularly hosts on-campus visitors requiring access to our wireless network. As a security measure, in order to provide access to our Network, an FDU faculty member, staff member, or student must sponsor the guest(s) that they are providing access to. The sponsor takes responsibility for the Internet usage of their guests and ensures that they adhere to FDU’s Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Usage.

Choosing the Correct Account Type

  • Accounts can be created for up to 8 days
  • The sponsor can manage accounts (extend time, delete, suspend or reset password)
  • Account creation requires a valid FDU NetID to create
  • A single Guest Account (Known Guest) can be created or generic accounts (5 devices per account with the ability to create 10 generic accounts at once) can be created through this function

For events that will have a large audience, a Group Account may be needed. If you are a faculty or staff member and you require this account type, please create a sponsored guest account and then create a UTAC ticket. This can be accomplished by contacting the Fairleigh Dickinson University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC)

Please provide UTAC with the following information:

  • Guest account name
  • The name that you would like to use for your Group account
  • Faculty/staff sponsor name, contact number and e-mail address
  • Location for the event (Building, Room, Classroom, etc.)
  • Time and date of the event

Once the ticket is created, OIRT (Office of Information Resource Technology) will contact you within 3 business days to complete the Group account activation.


Fairleigh Dickinson is a member of Eduroam (education roaming) which provides secure, world-wide roaming access service for the international research and education community. If your guest is coming from another Higher Education institution that is also a member of Eduroam, they will not require an FDU guest account. Instead, they can gain access to our Network simply by logging into the eduroam network with their regular credentials.

(Available on Metro and Florham Campus Only)

Creating and Managing an FDU Wireless Guest Account

Creating a FDU Wireless Guest Account
  1. Log into access.net.fdu.edu using your NetID and password
  1. Click the “Generic” or “Known Guest” button
  • Generic – This option allows you to create up to 10 accounts concurrently without entering your guest’s information
  • Known Guest – This option allows you to create an account with guest information. You need to input the guest’s “First name”, “Last name”, “Email address”, and “Phone number”. You also need to enter your own FDU email address
  1. If you have selected “Generic”, enter the number of accounts that you would like to create (maximum of 10)
  1. The remaining instructions are for both known guests and generic accounts. Choose how long you want the guest account to be active
  • First Option – Click the box next to “End of business day” if your guest only requires access through the end of the day
  • Second Option – Type the number of days required in the “Duration” box (maximum of 8). The “From Date” and “To Date” will automatically change based on the requested duration
  • Optional – If needed, you can select an exact date and time for the guest account access to begin and end (24:00 format)
  1. Click the “Create” button
Managing a FDU Wireless Guest Account
  1. Log into access.net.fdu.edu using your NetID and password
  1. Click the “Manage Accounts” tab
  1. Check the box next the account that you would like to update. You can now use the following administrative functions
  • Edit: Modify any information entered during account creation
  • Resend: Print or email the account username and password
  • Extend: Add additional time to the account. The maximum total duration of 8 days will still apply
  • Delete: Immediately delete the account
  • Reset Password: This will reset the password and either print or email the new password


For additional support, please contact the University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC)

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