Announcing the FDU Wireless Network Upgrade Project

April 29, 2021

Last fall, University Systems and Networking began work on an ambitious plan to modernize the aging wireless infrastructure on our New Jersey campuses.  The components of our existing wireless network are all between 8 and 13 years old, and a host of significant technological advances have occurred in that time. During this project, we will be upgrading all of the Access Points (AP’s) throughout each Residence Hall, Academic and Administrative building and improving our network coverage by adding additional AP’s and relocating AP’s where required.  The end result will be a ubiquitous wireless network utilizing the most current technology to increase the density, reliability and throughput of FDU-Secure for our New Jersey community.

The initial phase of this project, which consisted of a field study where we walked and mapped every square inch of the Florham and Metropolitan campuses is now complete. We are now ready to begin the massive undertaking of rewiring each area on the Metropolitan and Florham campuses which requires updated cables for our new access points. Starting on May 3rd, we will begin working our way through campus, building by building, beginning with our Residence Halls. Although this phase will not impact wireless access, our team and vendor’s presence running cables may present a minor intrusion upon certain work spaces. For that reason, we will send an alert with our complete schedule, as a courtesy, as soon as it is finalized. 

Subsequent phases will include installing and connecting the new AP’s, bringing the new network on line, and removing the old AP’s. Our expectation is that our new network equipment will be up and running late in the spring of 2022.  As with all of our major deployments, we plan to keep the University informed of our progress.

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