Annual Network Testing

May 14, 2021

Later this month, USAN will be performing an annual test for equipment failure. This will occur on Wednesday 5/26 between 6AM and 8AM on the Metropolitan Campus and Thursday 5/27 between 6AM and 8AM on the Florham Campus. 

Our expectation is that this work will not cause any downtime for our community. However, since we will be rebooting network equipment, it is possible, albeit unlikely, that there will be intermittent brief outages of FDU resources including the FDU VPN on both days. Additionally, there is a small possibility of brief Internet outages on the campus being tested. As a precaution, please save your work frequently if you are on campus or using FDU resources during these maintenance periods. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please contact the University Technical Assistance Center at (973)-443-8822 if you have any questions.

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