FDU Anywhere is now Available for Vancouver Students

September 8, 2020

FDU IT is pleased to announce that FDU Anywhere, the platform for our students to remotely access many software applications typically found in our Computer labs, is now available.

The following software is currently available at anywhere.fdu.edu:

  • MatLab**
  • SPSS
  • Adobe Cloud Suite*
  • AutoDesk Suite*
  • Office Suite
  • Maple*
  • MS Visual Studio

*Per Class Assignment Only
**Special License for Current School Year. See Mathworks MatLab for download and installation instructions.

Additional software will be added over the course of the semester. You will be able to check for updates at FDU Anywhere User Guide.

How does FDU Anywhere work?

Logging into anywhere.fdu.edu is like walking into one of FDU’s Computer labs. Upon providing your FDU NetID and password, you will have access to the site’s software modules. However, much like an FDU computer lab, seats in FDU

Anywhere are limited, and not always available. If a particular software module is not available, try again in a few minutes. If you are using FDU Anywhere, please do not occupy a seat within a particular software module unless you are using it. By keeping a session active, you could be prohibiting a fellow student from accessing it. When you want to leave FDU Anywhere, simply log out.

How can I Save Documents?

When you log into FDU Anywhere, you are accessing your own remote desktop. However, instead of saving your documents on FDU Anywhere, you must save them to your OneDrive account. With OneDrive, your documents are easily accessible and convenient to store and share.

More Information

We have also added a list of Open Source software available for free download to student’s personal computers. Access to this list and the download links can be found at:

For a comprehensive understanding of FDU Anywhere’s feature set, please visit our user guide:

If you have any questions about FDU Anywhere, please contact UTAC at (973)-443-8822 or by opening a support case on IT.FDU.EDU.

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