Important Security Update for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

November 20, 2020

Beginning Wednesday, December 2nd, Computing Services will be releasing an important update to the Malwarebytes Endpoint protection suite found on all University owned faculty and staff computers. Malwarebytes is an essential security application which stops thousands of security threats on our systems every day.

This update provides:

  • Improved detection of new malware
  • Faster scans using less resources
  • Expanded detection of obfuscated malware
  • Enhanced behavioral detection
  • Improved quality and stability

The update will automatically be installed on all University owned computers. Once installed, you will receive a request in the lower left corner of your screen to reboot your machine, similar to the one below. The restart will occur automatically in three hours if you do not manually choose a restart time. To avoid the risk of losing any data, we advise you to save your work and allow this reboot immediately upon receiving the notification.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. As always, our University Technical Assistance Center is available at (973-443-8822 to answer any questions that you may have. 

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