Introducing the FDU Self-Service Portal for Software

August 5, 2020

The Office of Information Resources and Technology is pleased to introduce the FDU Self-Service Portal for Software, a tool designed to enhance our community’s access to software and desktop related information. With the Self-Service Portal for Software, our faculty and staff can easily locate and install pre-loaded software onto FDU owned computers. Simply launch the portal and you will be presented with a variety of applications, each sanctioned and supplied by FDU. This portal will provide an easily searchable way to view all new applications made available to the user community, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, the FDU VPN, and many more.

Additionally, the Self-Service Portal for Software allows Computing Services to guide you through fixing many of the community’s most common issues. Over time, as you build familiarity with these online utilities, you may even be able to fix some Windows and macOS issues on your own.

The portal is designed to be used on a variety of FDU owned equipment. This includes FDU owned Windows 10 and macOS computers, iOS based mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, and the computers in the FDU labs. In order to provide quick and easy access to the portal, we will be automatically pushing desktop and start menu icons to many University Windows PCs. This will begin on August 6th, as a desktop icon will be sent to University Windows computers, including the Computer Labs. Please visit the link below after August 6th for instructions on accessing the portal on these various platforms.

Our UTAC is always available to discuss your IT questions and concerns. Please give them a call at (973)-443-8822 with any questions, including questions about the new portal. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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