Optimizing your On-campus Zoom Hosting Experience

March 10, 2021

It has come to our attention that members of our faculty may be experiencing issues connecting to Zoom classes from their offices while on-campus. Many of our classrooms are considered Zoom Rooms. These locations are optimized for the bandwidth required to host a stable Zoom class over our wireless network. However, a faculty member may wish to host a Zoom class from their office or another on-campus location. In this case, we ask that you please use a wired connection. Our on-campus wireless network was designed over 15 years ago for the modest task of keeping our community connected while we are mobile on-campus.  A wired connection is the best option for bandwidth intensive tasks, including hosting Zoom meetings.

Additionally, please be aware that Google Chromebooks and mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, may not provide an optimal connection to Zoom while on campus. Please use your FDU issued laptop computer to ensure that your device meets the hardware requirements for an adequate hosting experience.

If you or your students experience issues on campus while connecting to Zoom,  please let us know. Anyone experiencing an issue can contact UTAC at (973)-443-8822 or open a support case on IT.FDU.EDU. Creating a ticket helps us to improve Zoom performance on our network.

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