Unified Communications: Important Florham Campus Update

October 11, 2019

New Dialing Pattern

This morning marked the successful cutover to Unified Communications on the Florham Campus. As a result, users on the Florham campus will now be able to contact extensions on the Florham, Metropolitan, and Vancouver campuses with a 4 digit extension. No “#” symbol is necessary to contact any FDU extension on all three campuses.

Training (NWN Genius Bar)

Today only, a representative from NWN will be on-site to assist users with any questions about phone operations. Please visit the Hartman Lounge in the Mansion between the hours of 9 am -1 pm or Dreyfuss Room 214 from 2 – 5 pm.

Helpful Hint: Do not use the Genius Bar to report issues with your phone – they will not be able to help. Their purpose is to answer any questions regarding how to make or receive calls, set up and retrieve voicemails, call transfer, call forward, etc. Instead, please direct any issues with your phone to the Unified Communications team at FDU-UC@fdu.edu.

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