Unified Communications Update

October 31, 2019

First, I would like to thank the entire user community for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through the challenges experienced from the unexpected early cutover of our new Unified Communication platform on the Metropolitan campus. All of our key Life and Safety systems were operational and verified early Monday afternoon. That was our #1 priority. The vast majority of phones on the Metropolitan Campus were in good working order by end of day Monday.  On Monday night, our volunteer crew scoured the campus, checking all equipment and reporting back phones that did not function properly.  End users, along with our UC helpers, continued to report any issues on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is a recap of priority issues still outstanding:

  1. There are a small number of users that have yet to receive their phones. Our goal is to have all remaining phones delivered and installed today.
  2. Some fax machines are not yet operational. We have deployed resources to visit these areas and get these machines to a working state.
  3. The new phones are now registered to the platform. However, we have identified a handful of outliers that are showing as not registered. In the unlikely event that your phone is showing as not registered, please send an email to fdu-uc@fdu.edu, if you have not already done so.

We are still working on the list of issues that have been reported over the past two days, in priority order, as well as call flows in some of our larger departments. If you have reported a needed change to your phone, and it has not been corrected by the end of this week, please send us a note on Monday to ensure we still have a record of it. Allow us to continue to move through today and tomorrow to complete as much as we can.

In the coming weeks, we will transition the ongoing support of our phone system to UTAC, but for the time being, continue to use fdu-uc@fdu.edu to report any new problems.

Thank you again for your patience as we complete this major enhancement.

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