Ways to Lead Productive and Inclusive Zoom Classes

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Here are 5 ways to lead productive & inclusive Zoom Classes with your students.

  1. As facilitator, plan ahead. Identify partners to help fill Zoom Class roles. If you can, identify a:
    • Co-host in case you have technical problems
    • Moderator: to monitor and respond to chats
    • Coordinator: to keep track of time and take notes
  2. Share rules of engagement at the start of your class
    • Keep your video on
    • Mute yourself unless speaking
    • Introduce yourself before you speak
  3. Ensure all students have equal access to shared content
    • Share content ahead of class or by using Zoom chat
    • Think agenda, slides, notes, reference materials
  4. Be sure students have an equal chance to engage
    • Invite student s to speak up, and do this at multiple points during the class
  5. Be intentional about class activities
    • Conduct activities that work for all students, ensuring a similar experience
Last Modified: May 2, 2023