Zoom Rooms List

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BuildingRoomRoom TypeHDMI / Laptop Input
Dreyfuss102Installed RoomNo
Dreyfuss104Installed RoomNo
Dreyfuss125Installed RoomYes
Dreyfuss211Installed RoomYes
DreyfussTheaterInstalled RoomYes
Mansion17Installed RoomNo
Science2Installed RoomNo
Science11Installed RoomYes
Science17Installed RoomNo
Zen109Installed RoomNo
Zen202Installed RoomNo
Dreyfuss106Zoom CartYes
Dreyfuss107Zoom CartYes
Dreyfuss212Zoom CartYes
MansionHartman LoungeZoom CartNo
Mansion11Zoom CartYes
Mansion12Zoom CartYes
Mansion13Zoom CartYes
MansionSarah SullivanZoom CartYes
MonningerOrangerieInstalled RoomYes
Monninger105Installed RoomYes
Monninger107Installed RoomYes
Monninger119Installed RoomYes
Zen108Zoom CartYes
Rec CenterRutherfordZoom CartYes
Science3Zoom CartYes
Science9Zoom CartYes
Science14Zoom CartYes
Science25Zoom CartYes
ScienceWest CottageZoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy208Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy105Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy209Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy302Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy306Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy314Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy319Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy323Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy316Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy318Zoom CartYes
School of Pharmacy327Zoom CartYes
School of PharmacyConference Room Building 210Zoom CartYes
TwomblyArt StudioZoom CartYes
Zen105Zoom CartYes
Zen110Zoom CartYes
Zen203Zoom CartYes
Zen211Zoom CartYes
ZenRice LoungeZoom CartYes
BuildingRoomRoom TypeHDMI / Laptop Input
Alumni HallMetro ClubZoom CartNo
BectonBH 205Installed RoomYes
BectonBH 208Installed RoomYes
BectonB304 Computer Labs Installed RoomYes
BectonBH 403 Installed RoomYes
Dickinson HallCyberCrime LabZoom CartYes
Dickinson Hall1132Zoom CartYes
Dickinson Hall2245Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 4468Installed RoomNo
Dickinson HallDH 5504Installed RoomNo
Dickinson HallDH 5506Installed RoomNo
Dickinson HallWilson AuditoriumInstalled RoomYes
Edward Williams CollegeEWC AuditoriumInstalled RoomYes
Edward Williams CollegeEWC Commons 1 & 2Installed RoomNo
MuscarelleM207 Computer and Graphics Lab Installed RoomNo
BectonB203Zoom CartYes
BectonB305 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
BectonB306 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
BectonB402 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
BectonB405 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
BectonB406 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
BectonB407 in Becton Hall Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 1104Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 1127Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 1128Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 1129Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 1170Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 2262Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 4469Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 4473Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 4475Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 5509Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 5520Zoom CartYes
Dickinson HallDH 5529Zoom CartYes
Muscarelle105Installed RoomYes
MuscarelleM204 in Muscarelle CenterZoom CartYes
MuscarelleM205 in Muscarelle CenterZoom CartYes
Bancroft HallPrototype Classroom (3rdfloor Bancroft Hall)Zoom CartYes
BuildingRoomRoom TypeHDMI / Laptop Input
Cambie257Installed RoomYes
Cambie259Installed RoomYes
Cambie261Installed RoomYes
W-Georgia1111Installed RoomYes
W-Georgia1114Installed RoomYes
Last Modified: March 25, 2024