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The Fairleigh Dickinson University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC) is the university’s technical help desk. Fairleigh Dickinson University students, faculty, and staff can contact UTAC via the SAMI Support portal, email, or phone call to initiate support requests for application software, desktop environments and peripherals, network connectivity, computer password maintenance (i.e. Microsoft 365), hardware and software configuration support, another computer related product and service issues, Blackboard, and classroom projector problems.

Request Support through Phone or Email

Request Support through the SAMI Support Portal

In the SAMI Support portal, you can:

  • Create SAMI Support requests by filling out a quick form
  • Access the most updated status of your SAMI support request
  • Interact with the technician currently assigned to resolve your SAMI support request
  • Review all your open and closed SAMI support request history
  • Access our knowledge base to view information about our current systems
  • Access solutions for the most frequently asked questions

Unable to access the SAMI Support Portal?

You can submit a request for support by filling out the form below

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SAMI Support requires a valid NetID and password, as well as DUO multi-factor authentication in order to access. Once the portal is accessed, you have the ability to generate a new ticket, review existing or closed tickets & view the IT Knowledgebase for information that can assist you with resolving problems. The SAMI Support portal can be accessed by using the link below.

If you need to open a request and cannot access SAMI Support for any of the reasons below, please complete this request form or contact the Fairleigh Dickinson University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC). A member of the IT support team will assist you via phone call or email.

  • I do not have a valid University issued NetID
  • I am not able to authenticate through DUO
  • I have not set up my DUO account
  • I am a vendor without a University issued NetID
  • I am an admitted student
  • I am a newly hired employee or adjunct
  • My FDU account is locked
  • I need my Net ID password reset and have already attempted to do that through

SAMI Support Public Request

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