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How to access your Home Drive or Department Shared Drive Off Campus

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The ability to access a home drive or department shared drive remotely is only supported for FDU-owned equipment.

First, you need to ensure you have launched your Virtual Private Network (VPN) and logged in using your NetID and password.

  1. Once you have connected via the VPN, open your File Explorer.
File Explorer Icon
Windows File Explorer Icon
  1. Halfway down the left panel, click on “This PC“. Your available Network Locations will appear in the center of the screen.
  1. To access any of your drives, simply double click on the icon next to Drive description.


If you see a red X on the drive icon, please ensure you have successfully logged into the VPN.  If so, click on the red X and your drive should appear and the red X will go away.

  1. Go to your Finder app
Finder App Icon
  1. On the menu bar on top, click “Go” and select the last option “Connect to Server…” or alternatively on your keyboard press and hold “command” then press “K
  1. In the Connect to Server window enter SMB:// followed by the path of your network share

In the case of your home drive this will follow the convention of:

  • smb:// NetID for Florham users
  • smb:// NetID for Metro users
  • smb:// NetID for Vancouver users

Pressing the “+” will add this to your list of Favorite Servers.

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Video Production Services

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When scheduling a video production on or off Campus, it is important to provide a detailed description of what is expected, and what is most important. This will allow the Multimedia Services to anticipate any issues depending upon the location.

Off Campus Video Production

When recording off campus it is important to communicate the exact event location and contact information of anyone who is overseeing the venue. For secure office buildings it will be necessary that security be advised that a video crew will be arriving and to include the name(s) of the crew and the nature of the production. Also, it should be noted that recording in certain areas, both public and private locations may be prohibited or require a permit.

Additional Costs

Due to the nature of some off-campus productions there may be some additional costs, such as tolls, parking and fuel.

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