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FDU has a number of technology enhanced classrooms that are capable of video/computer projection. To find out if your classroom is on this list please review the charts below for your campus:

Metropolitan Campus Technology Chart


Scroll left to right on the chart if viewing on a Mobile device or in Desktop preview mode. To view the full chart, rotate your Mobile device into landscape mode. On Desktop, press the full screen button (icon with expanding arrows inside of a circle) on the top right of the article header.

Building NameProjector Enabled RoomsDVD/VCR Combo RoomsSpeaker EnabledHDMI JackSmartboard
Becton Hall202YesYesLaser
Becton Hall205Yes YesLaser
Becton Hall208YesYesLaser
Becton Hall302Only DVD YesYesYes
Becton Hall304Only DVD YesYesYes
Becton Hall305 YesYes
Becton Hall306 YesYes
Becton Hall402 YesLaser
Becton Hall403/404 (LED Screen)Yes YesYesYes
Becton Hall405 YesLaser
Becton Hall406 YesLaser
Becton Hall407 YesLaser
Becton Hall408 YesLaser
Becton Hall Conference Room307
Dickinson Hall1104YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1128YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1129YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1142YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1143Yes YesYes
Dickinson Hall1144Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall1148 Yes
Dickinson Hall1149YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1150YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1151YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1152 (LED Television)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1153 (LED Televison)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1165 (LED Televison)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1170 (LED Television)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall2135YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall2137Yes YesYes
Dickinson Hall2177YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall2178YesYesLaserYes
Dickinson Hall2230Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall2249 YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall2262Individual DVD & VCR Yes
Dickinson Hall2263 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall4468YesLaser
Dickinson Hall4469YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall4473YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall4475Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall5504YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5506YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5509 Laser
Dickinson Hall5520 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall5523 YesYes
Dickinson Hall5529YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5534YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall – Conference Room1191 Laser
Dickinson Hall – Conference Room2245 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall – Continuing Education1127YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall (Lab A)2163 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall (Lab B)2164 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building201 YesYes
Edward Williams Building202 YesYes
Edward Williams Building203 Yes
Edward Williams Building204 YesYesYes
Edward Williams Building205 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building206 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building207 YesYes
Edward Williams Building209 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building301 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building302 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building303 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building304 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building305 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building306YesLaser
Edward Williams Building308 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building309 YesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingCommons 1YesYesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingCommons 2YesYesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingAuditoriumYesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWriting Lab YesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWLB 3YesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWLB 4YesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryAuditoriumYesYes
Giovatto LibraryWLB 1 (LED Screen)YesYes (TV Speakers)
Giovatto LibraryWLB2 (LED Screen)YesYes (TV Speakers)
Multipurpose RoomYesYesYesLaser
Muscarelle105Yes YesLaser
Muscarelle203Yes YesLaser
Muscarelle204 YesLaser
Muscarelle206Yes Yes Yes
Muscarelle207L YesLaser
Muscarelle207RYesYes Yes
Robison Annex100Yes YesLaser
Robison Annex101YesYesLaser
Robison Annex203Yes YesYes
Robison Annex204YesYesYes
Robison Annex205Yes YesLaser
Robison Annex300 YesLaser
Robison Annex301 YesYes
Robison Annex303 YesLaser
Robison Annex304YesYesLaser
Robison Annex305 YesLaser
Robison Hall23BYesYesLaser
Robison Hall501
Robison Hall503 Laser
Rutherford RoomYesYesYesLaser
University Hall TheatreLED ScreenYes
University HallFront Lab YesLaser
University HallBack Lab YesLaser
University HallMultimedia Lab YesYes Laser
Williams Hall Yes
Williams Hall102YesYesLaser
Williams Hall107YesYesLaser
Williams Hall201 YesLaser
Williams Hall202 YesLaser
Williams Hall203 YesLaser
Williams Hall206 YesLaser
Williams Hall207 YesYes
Wilson AuditoriumYesYesYesLaser
Florham Campus Technology Chart


Scroll left to right on the chart if viewing on a Mobile device or in Desktop preview mode. To view the full chart, rotate your Mobile device into landscape mode. On Desktop, press the full screen button (icon with expanding arrows inside of a circle) on the top right of the article header.

Building NameProjector Enabled RoomsDVD/VCR Combo RoomsSpeaker EnabledHDMI JackSmartboard
Dreyfuss Building102YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building103YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building104YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building105YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building106YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building107YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building121Yes Laser
Dreyfuss Building125YesYes Laser
Dreyfuss Building206 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building207 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building208 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building209YesLaser
Dreyfuss Building210 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building211
Dreyfuss Building212
Dreyfuss Building213
Dreyfuss BuildingTheater
Hennessey Room 1Yes Yes Yes
Hennessey Room 2Yes Yes Yes
LibraryLibrary ClassroomYes Yes Laser
Mansion12Yes YesLaser
Mansion17Yes YesLaser
Mansion30Yes YesLaser
Mansion33Yes YesYes
Mansion35Yes YesLaser
Moninger 105 Just DVDYesYesYes
Moninger 106 Just DVDYesYesYes
Moninger 107YesJust DVDYesLaser
Moninger 113Yes YesYes
Moninger 118 Just DVDYesLCD ScreenYes
Moninger 119 Just DVDYesLCD ScreenYes
Moninger 205 Yes
Moninger 206 Yes
Moninger 210 Yes
Moninger 228YesYesLaser
OrangerieYes YesYes
Science Building1 YesYes
Science Building3 Yes
Science Building6 Yes
Science Building7Yes YesYes
Science Building9 YesYes
Science Building11Yes YesLaser
Science Building15A YesYes
Science Building17YesYesYes
Science Building18 YesYes
Science Building19 YesLaser
Student CenterSammartino RoomYes YesYes
Student CenterFlorham RoomYes YesYes
Student CenterWroxton RoomYesYes
Student CenterBottle Hill Room
Twombly LoungeYesYesYesLaser
Zen Building102YesYesLaser
Zen Building103YesYesLaser
Zen Building104YesYesLCD Panel
Zen Building105YesYes
Zen Building106YesYes
Zen Building107YesYesYes
Zen Building108YesYesYes
Zen Building109YesYesLaser
Zen Building110DVD onlyYesLCD PanelYes
Zen Building202YesYesYes
Zen Building203YesYesYes
Zen Building204Yes YesYes
Zen Building205YesYesYes
Zen Building206YesYesLCD Panel
Zen Building207Yes YesYes
Zen Building208DVD onlyYesLCD PanelYes
Zen Building209YesYesYes
Zen Building210 Laser
Zen Building211 YesYesYes
Zen Building212 YesYesYes
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Copyright Enforcement Policy

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Fairleigh Dickinson University vigorously enforces United States copyright law. When utilizing the FDU Local Area Network or FDU provided Internet Access, you are required to adhere to all existing US copyright laws.

To view the full statement of law, please visit:

Failure to comply with this document can result in FDU disciplinary action as well as civil and criminal penalties.

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Using MediaSpace from Kaltura

MediaSpace is a campus video distribution platform from Kaltura, similar to YouTube, where you can securely upload and share your videos anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. It supports multiple devices and provides powerful control and governance tools.

There are various ways that content can be locked down. It can be visible to only specific NetIDs, specific course members or to the general public.

  1. Log into your Kaltura account:
  1. Click on use FDU NetID to Login and enter your credentials

Adding Content to MediaSpace

  1. In the upper right corner of the page, select the ‘Add New‘ drop-down list, and choose ‘Media Upload,’ to open the ‘Upload Media‘ page
  1. Click the ‘+ Choose a file to upload‘ button to search your computer for the media file that you would like to upload; select the file; and click the ‘Open‘ button to upload the file
  1. While the file is uploading, you can add the metadata in the following fields:


  • The name of the media being uploaded.
  • This is a required field and is by default the filename of the media being uploaded.


  • This is displayed below the media or on the player info pane.
  • This is a required field for publishing and/or adding the media to a playlist.


  • These are used to help describe your media and are used as keywords when searching for media.
  • Multiple tags can be separated by commas or new lines.
  1. When you have finished editing details, click the ‘Save‘ button
  2. Once the media has uploaded and you have given it at least a title and description, you will need to select one of three file sharing permission settings. This setting can be changed later, so pick the setting that best applies at the moment:
    • Private: Only you will be able to access the file.
    • Unlisted: Only those with a link to the file that you provide will be able to access it. Select this option if you want to share your video using a direct link to the video that you might share via email.
    • Published: Assign the file to a MediaSpace channel. It will be visible individuals that have viewing rights to that channel.

You may continue uploading more files by clicking the ‘+ Choose another file‘ button and repeating the steps above.

NOTE: At this point you may not be able to view your media and you may see the message: “Media is being processed” This is completely normal. Your media will continue to process even if you navigate away from MediaSpace.

How To Access My Media

Click on your name in the upper right side of your screen and select My Media from the dropdown list. When your list comes up, choose which one you want to access

How To Share a Media

  1. While in the “My Media” section, select the video that you want to share and click on the “Actions” button and click Publish

NOTE: Make sure your video is set to Unlisted. Any other choice will have some access restrictions associated with it.

  1. Click on the “Save” button
  2. Click on your video to get to the video details and click the share option under the video. You can copy the link and send that to anyone you would like to share it with

How to Edit Closed Captioning

  1. Open the video that you want to edit the captions
  2. Click on Actions and select + Captions & Enrich. This will take you the captions request table

NOTE: You can only edit captions that have been completed.

  1. Click on the pencil edit icon to open the editor. The captions editor is open automatically alongside the captions that have been selected in the captions requests table
  • If you have multiple caption files, you can click on the “Captions” drop down menu and select which file you want to use
  • To edit caption text, click on the section you want to change and edit accordingly
  • If you are not sure where the text is that you want to change, you can enter that in the “Search Captions” box. That term will be highlighted in each caption line. You can also replace the terms that you search for with a new one by entering the new term in the “Replace with” box and clicking “Replace”.
  1. When you have completed all of your editing, click on the “Save” button

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