Introducing Code42 Backup

November 5, 2020

Faculty and staff with FDU owned computers are about to experience a major enhancement of our cloud data backup solution with the launch of Code42. Code42 replaces our previous PC backup solution, Connected Backup, and it is the perfect mix of simplicity and customizability. Once Code42 is installed on our Windows or macOS machines, it will perform a daily backup of your user profile. The modern application allows our community to retrieve and restore files from a backup and perform backups to external storage devices. In the event that you have non-FDU related files, you can even place them into a “Personal Documents” folder to hide them from the backup. Code42 will run quietly in the background with no effort required on your part. You will not notice Code42 until you need it and when you do, you will be glad to have it.

Over the next week, Code42 will automatically be downloaded on FDU owned desktop and laptop computers running Windows or macOS. Our expectation is that all 

FDU computers will have the software installed by November 13th. For Windows users, activation will not require any action on your part. For macOS users, the download and installation will occur automatically, but you will prompted to enter your FDU NetID username to complete activation.  

Once Code42 is installed on your computer, feel free to uninstall our previous solution,Connected Backup, at any time. As we transition to Code42, Connected Backup will continue to perform all scheduled backups. Our expectation is that we will be ready to shut down the Connected Backup service on December 15th

For more information about Code42,  please view our user guide:

If you have any additional questions, please contact our University Technical Assistance Center at (973)-443-8822.

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