Accessing an FDU Email Account on a Mobile Device Using the Outlook App

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The easiest way to access your FDU email account on your mobile device is to install the Outlook app from either the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android). We support and advise using this method due to the program’s robustness and integration of all Office365 features. Follow the steps below to install and set up the Outlook app on your phone.

Outlook App on Apple iOS and Android Mobile Devices
  1. Use the links below to install the Outlook app onto your mobile device.
Android Play Store
Apple App Store
  1. Launch the app and press on “Add Account” if on an Android device. It will then prompt you to input your FDU email address. On iOS, the app will launch and immediately ask you for your FDU email address. Once filled out press “Continue” on Android. On iOS press “Add Account”
  1. You will be routed to the FDU Single Sign On Page, from here input your FDU email address and password and press “Sign In
  1. For security purposes, all applications which use FDU’s Single Sign On (NetID) require Duo two-factor authentication. After inputting your FDU NetID login information, Duo requires you to complete a method of second-factor authentication
  1. Your FDU email account has now been added to your device successfully. Ensure the email account is listed on your Outlook application.
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What is Clutter?

Microsoft has implemented a new feature to its mail client called Clutter. Clutter acts as a filter that separates e-mails that it Deems low priority. The e-mails are placed in a folder and are out of sight, with no notifications visible to the user. The problem with Clutter is that it is a learning program that tries to guess what emails are important or low priority and might filter out emails that you need.

Disabling Clutter rules in Outlook 

If you wish to disable clutter, log in to Office 365 using our portal office365.fdu.edu with your NetID credentials.

  1. Look for the settings icon on the upper right corner of your window and click on it
  2. Click on the “Mail” option under “Your app settings”
  1. Drill down to “Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter”
  2. Uncheck “Separate items identified as clutter”
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