Papercut Printing User Instructions

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The instructions below pertain to any Vancouver user that will use the Secure Print, Scan to email, and Copy functions of the Xerox printers.

Account Balances

Vancouver users have the following account balances listed below:

  1. Free Quota, is a designated account balance that is applied to all the students and is auto-replenished on schedule – before the start of the semester. This is the first balance that gets deducted after which the secondary “Paid_Balance” goes into effect.
  2. Paid Balance is the amount credited onto a student’s account when they pay for extra printing credits.

Free Quota Account Balance Automated Replenishment

Each user listed below has a specified amount of Free Quota replenished according to a schedule:

  • Adjuncts: $1000.00 replenished at the start of the school year
  • Student IT Assistants And Student Workers: $200.00 replenished at the start of every school term
  • Staff and Faculty: $1000.00 replenished at the start of every school term
  • Students: $10.00 replenished at the start of every school term

Paid Balance Reload / Replenishment

The instructions below are for Students on how to reload/replenish their Paid Balances:

  1. Go to Enrollment Services to pay for the amount they wish to recharge
  2. Bring the receipt to IT Office to request the reload for their Paid Balance
Logging In
  1. Users can either swipe their badge or use their FDU NetID and password to log in. To use your credentials press the “Keyboard” button on the top right of the screen
Papercut Log in using credentials
  • If upon swiping your badge the following screen appears on the Xerox printer screen. Enter your credentials to associate them with your account. For a detailed walkthrough, play the video below:
Checking Account Balance on Printer

To check your total balance from the printer, log into that printer and press the “Access Device” button. The balance will be displayed on the screen.

Secure Print
  1. To release a print job after you have sent a print job to the appropriate printer and logged into that printer. Press the “Print Release” button
  • To print all jobs under the queue press the checkbox above all the jobs (2) then press the “Print” button (5)
  • To print a selection of the jobs, select the appropriate checkbox beside the jobs you want to print (3), then press the “Print” button (5)
  • To delete jobs from the printer’s queue, select the appropriate checkbox beside the jobs you want to delete (3), then press the “Trashcan” button (4)
  1. To log off of the printer, press the “Log Out” icon on the top right next to your name
Scan to Email
  1. To start a scan-to-email job, log into a printer and press the “Scan” button
  1. You can press the “Star“’ button (4) immediately to start scanning
    • Optionally you can edit the Subject and Filename entries (2) and the scan settings (3)
  1. To log off of the printer, press the “Log Out” icon on the top right next to your name
  1. To start a copy job, log into a printer and press the “Access Device” button
  1. Press “Access Device
  • To return to the PaperCut MF main screen, press the “PaperCut MF” button
  1. To copy, press the “Copy” button
  1. Enter the number of copies and then press the “Star“’ button for the default selection (Auto Detect Color, 1-1 Sided copies). Optionally you can change the settings shown in the yellow box below, then press the “Star” button
  • You can delete the job at any point in the previous screens by pressing the “Delete” button. If only N number of pages have been printed, you will only be charged N times
  1. To log off of the printer, press your username on the top left and then press the “Log Out” button.
  1. Press the “Log Out” button again

Accessing your Papercut Account

The user console can be accessed via

  1. Log in using your FDU netID then select the “Login” button
  1. You can review your Transaction History, Balances, Recent Print Jobs & Jobs Pending Release by selecting the appropriate tab on the left-hand side. You can also see your environmental impact according to your print, scan & copy activities
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Printing in The Computer Labs

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Cost and Billing

To prevent excessive printing, the Department of Computing Services charges students a small fee for printing in the FDU Computer Labs. Black and white printing costs $0.05 per page and color printing is $0.25 per page.

Each student pays a technology fee which includes $10.00 of lab printing for each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Printing charges above the $10.00 per semester will appear as a Printing Fee on the next tuition bill.  

The $10 per semester printing credit is a standard allotment that expires each semester and has no cash value. No refunds will be given for pages not printed and unused prints for each semester’s allotment do not carry forward.

FDU staff and faculty members can use lab printers on a limited basis without charge for the purpose on conducting FDU business. Please use your department’s printer(s) as your primary printing resource. Faculty and staff members are limited to 200 pages per semester. Any attempt to print past this quota will result in an error message stating that the account does not have enough credit.

Note: You are responsible for all activity on your account. If you share your password with others or forget to log out, you will be held responsible for any activity done via your account, including printing charges. Computing Services strongly recommends that you use non-trivial passwords and log out completely before leaving a workstation.

View and Manage your Lab Printing

PaperCut Icon
  1. Hovering your cursor on the Papercut tray icon shows the Balance
  1. When you click on the Papercut tray icon, it opens a new window as seen below:
  1. Clicking on the “Details…” button on the lower right of the Balance within the Papercut window opens a web browser that will let the user log in and see their job history

Receiving Credit for Printing Errors

Credit will be given for errors caused by the printer (paper jams, toner problems, etc.) In such situations, please take the bad printouts to a Lab Assistant in Dreyfuss, Dickinson Hall, or University Hall. Your information will be taken, and reimbursement will be made in the form of a credit applied to your total charge for the semester. Situations which could have been prevented before printing, such as extra blank pages at the end of a document, will not be reimbursed.

Can I Use My Own Paper in These Printers?

No. Jobs are printed as they are received. There is the possibility that after loading the printer with your paper someone will print a job that will then be printed out on your paper. Transparencies and mailing labels are not allowed in the lab printers due to the high heat that laser printers use and the potential for damage to the equipment.

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