Email and File Encryption

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Virtru email encryption is the preferred method to send and view encrypted emails and files with your FDU email address. Available for FDU Faculty and Staff upon request. Click the link below to request access to Virtru Email Encryption.

The Virtru Email Encryption Tutorial will help users navigate installation, basic use, different usage scenarios, and common technical questions.

Alternative Approved Methods for Encryption

If you are not approved for Virtru email encryption, the articles below are alternative, FDU OIRT and DSIRT approved methods for encrypting Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files and comply with the University WISP.

Warning Warning

According to FDU’s Written Information Security Program (WISP), in no case should they be sending or storing WISP protected information without the explicit authorization of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). If approved, these instructions will provide you with guidance on the methodology.

For more information, visit the link at the bottom of the page.

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Encrypting Word, Excel & PDF Files with built-in Application Encryption

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Follow these easy to use instructions for encrypting Word, Excel, and Acrobat files using built-in features.

Encrypting Word & Excel Documents
  1. For Word and/or Excel files, first click on File on the upper left-hand corner
  1. Under the Info tab, click on Protect Document for Word and Protect Workbook for Excel followed by Encrypt with Password
  1. Enter a password in the pop-up window. Re-enter the password in the next window to confirm
  1. The below message will confirm your document has been password-protected
  1. To open a password-protected file, double-click on the file and enter the created password
Encrypting PDF Files


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Adobe Acrobat for macOS is needed to encrypt PDF files with a password. This feature is not available in the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  1. Select Tools on the Navigation Tab and then select Protect
  1. On the Protect Tab select Encrypt
  1. Select Encrypt with Password. Then select Yes on the security pop-up window
  1. Check Require a Password to Open the Document and then choose a strong password. Under compatibility, choose Acrobat X and later to change the encryption method to 256-bit.
  1. Confirm the password when requested. Please note that the document WILL NOT be fully encrypted until it is saved
  1. To open the file, double-click the file and enter the created password.
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Foxit PDF Editor Pro – Quick Start Guide

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Foxit PDF Editor Pro is Fairleigh Dickinson University’s replacement for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Foxit PDF Editor improves document productivity and efficiency. FoxIt PDF Editor Pro can create, convert, edit, and sign PDFs across devices and is available from the FDU Self-Service Portal under “Software” for all full-time faculty and full-time staff only. Due to limited licensing, a request form found at samisupport.fdu.edu must first be submitted.

Foxit PDF Editor Pro vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Faster: Foxit PDF Editor Pro uses fewer overall resources and is able to open PDFs faster. Also, due to less overall resources required, there are fewer automatic updates required.
  • Standards-compliant: Foxit PDF Editor Pro works with existing PDFs and uses the PDF standard which makes it cross-compatible with Adobe Acrobat.
  • More secure: Foxit PDF Editor Pro offers better protection against security vulnerabilities than it’s Adobe counterpart.
  • Familiar user interface: Using the Microsoft Office style ribbon user interface makes transitioning from Adobe Acrobat a breeze.
  • Better editing: FoxIt PDF Editor Pro uses word processor like features to offer better text and image editing.
  • Compatibility: Files created with FoxIt PDF Editor Pro are fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat. Also, files created with Adobe Acrobat are fully compatible with FoxIt PDF Editor Pro.

Comparison Charts

For a full comparison list as well as a list of added features please view the comparison charts below.

Create and Export PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
Create industry standard PDF files from virtually all PC applications and the clipboard
One-click PDF creation from IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox
One-step PDF creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
Convert PDF to Microsoft® Office, HTML and image formats
Append created PDF to an existing file
PDF Printer
Edit PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
Editing from Client
Editable Forms
Add/Remove/Reorder pages
Merge PDF (Local)
Merge PDF (Network)
Collaborate and Share PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
Scan and OCR PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
Scan to create new PDF
Scan to insert into existing PDF
Convert scanned/image-based PDFs to searchable editable documents
Find OCR Suspects and mark them as not text or edit the recognition results in batchNot in Batch
Scan Presets
Scan to save Mutiple Files
Protect and Sign PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
PDF Encryption
Fill and Sign / Digital Signatures
Create Multiple Signatures
DocuSign/Adobe Sign Support
Lock for Editing
View and Print PDF
FeatureFoxit PDF Editor ProAdobe Acrobat Pro
Multi Tab Viewing PDF documents
View and navigate page thumbnails, bookmarks
Reflow view
Ruler, Guides, Grids to help position objects in the PDF
Text viewer, Magnifier
Line Weights and Toggle Ruler to help viewing PDFOnly Line Weights
Read out loud
Search including bookmark and comments
Search in all opened PDF Files
Print PDF Documents and Forms
Print with comments for efficient review
FeatureFoxit PDF EditorAdobe Acrobat Pro
Accessibility full check and check report
Fix failed parts after accessibility check
Touch up reading order to add and edit tags
Auto tag Document and tag report.

Quick Start Video Tutorials

Below are some helpful video tutorials for some of the more popular functions of FoxIt PDF Editor Pro.

Creating, Saving and Editing PDF
Converting PDF Documents to Office Documents
Creating a Signature and Signing Documents
Creating PDF Documents
Creating a Fillable Form
Creating a PDF Using OCR
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