Accessing FDU Services Over VPN

September 14, 2020

FDU services, such as Webcampus, Zoom, FDU Anywhere or Office 365 are available on a PC or mobile device from the Internet. Students simply access the site, and login with their FDU NetID and password.

If you are experiencing technical problems connecting to any of these services from outside of United States or Canada, you can try using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, as long as it is legal in the country in which you are located. There are many regional providers with local points of presence throughout the world to select from.

One common VPN provider is Nord VPN.

This is a paid service, and will give you a good overall experience. Once you sign up for this service you will be provided with software to download and sign in with the credentials provided by the company.

Another option would be to use the FDU VPN, although the speed of the connection might be less than the local providers. Information on downloading the FDU VPN and connecting through your PC can be found at:

If you are continuing to have difficulties, please call the University Technical Assistance Center at (973)-443-8822 or email

NOTE: Students who are located in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, or the Crimea region of Ukraine must contact the University Technical Assistance Center at the above number or email before attempting to gain access to the above-referenced applications.

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