Introducing WebEx Calling

August 15, 2022

FDU OIRT is always working to provide our faculty and staff with the best possible communications tools. Towards that end, we are pleased to announce WebEx Calling. 

WebEx Calling is an advanced, full featured, and modern solution which provides many improvements over the Cisco Jabber client that it will replace. Perhaps most importantly, WebEx Calling can make and accept calls over mobile devices such as Apple iOS and Android.  So, your work phone can now extend to your soft (computer) phone and even to your cell phone, seamlessly. Additionally, Webex Calling’s robust messaging and chat functionality ensures a complete collaboration experience, similar to Microsoft teams.

After months of testing, my expectation is that we will be ready to launch WebEx Calling shortly into the coming Fall semester. In the coming weeks, we will send a follow-up Tech Alert containing the exact launch date and providing training documentation to ensure a seamless transition. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

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