Unified Communications: Important Information

October 28, 2019

The University was informed about 30 minutes ago by our vendor that Verizon ported all Metropolitan numbers this morning, many hours ahead of the 6 pm scheduled time.  While this was not the fault of either FDU nor NWN, we have no choice but to complete the conversion of the Metropolitan campus to Unified Communications now.

Currently, telephone communications to the Metropolitan Campus from any new Cisco phone is not functioning. This includes both calls from Florham to Metro, and calls from Metro to Metro, within our new phone environment.  This functionality will be working by approximately 12:15 pm.

Metropolitan Campus employees will notice that their old phones will most likely continue to work in parallel to their new phones until we remove them tomorrow.

After months of planning for a smooth cutover, this unforeseen error is quite unfortunate, but I have confidence it will be a small blemish in an otherwise successful conversion.

On behalf of my FDU and NWN team, we truly apologize for the inconvenience created today.

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