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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems operates to provide the University community with technical support for, and assistance in, all administrative functions using various software applications. We disseminate timely and accurate information to the University community, serving campuses both local and abroad as well as user maintenance and reporting capability by working closely with system end-users to define, design, and implement solutions to help realize our common goal to provide excellence in the achievement of a global education.

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Requesting a New Temporary Password

Please contact the Help Desk at 973-443-8822 or email them at to get a new temporary password.  After you login with your temporary password into the development account, you will be prompted to change your password. Please change your password in the development account, then logout of development. Login to the production account with the new password that you just created to do your work. Do not use the development account for your work. That account is only meant for testing purposes.

Rules for Creating a New Password

Rules for creating a password for Colleague WebUI:

  • Needs at least 8 characters.
  • There are four (4) character sets: Numbers, Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters and Special Characters – you need to have at least one of each type.
  • The Special Characters you can use are:   ! @ # $ % *       These symbols are above the number keys 1-5 and 8 on the keyboard.
  • You may not use any string from your name or login ID.  So, if your name is Mary – mar or ary would not be valid.
  • If you have had an account already, your password must be sufficiently different from previous passwords.
  • Helpful hints:  Be creative. If you want to use strings of words try substituting numbers and special characters for letters:  J@nu@ry1  would be a good password.  So would D!ck!n$0n 

This way you can cover all the rules.

Login with your temporary password into the development account, you will be prompted to change your password. Please change your password in the development account, then logout of development.  Login to the production account with the new password you just created to do your work.  Do not use the development account for your work.  That account is only meant for testing purposes.

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  • What is Webadvisor?

    Webadvisor is one of three systems used on campus using the WEB prefix in the name.  The other “WEB” systems are Webcampus and Webmail.   Webadvisor is used by students, faculty and staff for various purposes.  Students can use Webadvisor to search for classes, register for classes (if permitted), view class schedule, use Degree Audit (if permitted), accept Financial Aid award letters, pay bills on line, view grades, change emergency notification contact information and other tasks. Those faculty and staff that oversee budgets can access the information in Webadvisor.  Faculty can also view their class rosters and their class schedules, do enrollment verifications and do grading on-line.

  • How does one get a Webadvisor account?

    It depends upon whether or not you are an undergraduate student or a graduate student.  An undergraduate student (new or transfer) will get an account automatically after two things are accomplished.  The student must create an FDU Webmail account for themselves AND the student must be registered (through Enrollment Services) for classes for an upcoming semester.  Once these two things occur, within 2 business days (up to 3 business days in the summer) the student will receive an email containing the login information for their Webadvisor account.   If you are a graduate student and have been accepted into the University, you must create an FDU email account for yourself.  You can then either wait for the automatic process to generate the Webadvisor account and subsequent email containing the login information or you may request that a Webadvisor account be created for you by writing to

  • If I have a problem using Webadvisor, whom should I contact?

    Problems using Webadvisor may be divided into two categories: technical and non-technical.  For technical questions such as login problems, menu issues, login/password issues, error messages on screens, etc. you may write to for help.  Someone is always available during business hours to field email questions sent to that address and sometimes people will answer questions after normal business hours as well.  Non-technical issues such as missing grades, financial aid awards, transcript requests, bill payments, degree audit questions, address changes, incorrect data, etc. should be addressed to the appropriate office such as Enrollment Services  or the Financial Aid Office.

    Enrollment Services
    Financial Aid

  • What are the hours of operation for Webadvisor?

    Webadvisor is available for use between the hours of 3:00am – 11:00pm daily.  During priority registration, the hours are from 8:00am – 11:00pm.  Please check for any changes in the hours of operation that are posted on the main Webadvisor page

  • How do I access Webadvisor?

    When you are on the main FDU webpage ( there is a dropdown menu on the top right labeled “Web Shortcuts”.  Under there you will find links to the various systems on campus including Webadvisor.  Once your account has been created you may use your email login and password to login to Webadvisor.  Do not click on the Prospective Students tab as you are already a student.  Only click on the Log In tab on the menu bar at the top.

  • What if I forget my login information for Webadvisor?

    If you forget your login or password for Webadvisor, that means that you have forgotten your email login and password since they are the same.  You must contact the FDU Help Desk at or call (973)-443-8822 to ask for assistance.  Once your issue is resolved, you will be able to login to Webadvisor.

  • Do Webadvisor passwords expire?

    Yes, Webadvisor passwords expire when your FDU Net ID (email) password expires.  When you change your email password it will be valid to use to login to Webadvisor.

  • I received a message saying my account has been locked. What do I do?

    If you receive a lockout message, don’t panic.  Just close your browser and then start a new session and clear your browser cache or try logging in with a different browser.  You should be able to access Webadvisor again after you do that.

  • Why am I getting strange results in Webadvisor?

    Strange results such as inappropriate screen responses, missing menu items or text, etc. may be due to an incompatible version of the browser software you are using to access Webadvisor.  Or it may be due to the security settings in your browser.  In general, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari will work with Webadvisor.  However, the PC, laptop or other device you are using may be at a patch level that may cause problems using Webadvisor.  If that is the case, try using a different browser or even a different PC, laptop or other device.  You can also see if the security settings in your browser are set at a medium level and allow for cookies to be set.  Doing this may also clear up browser issues.  Also, some companies and other entities have firewalls that allow limited or no communication outside of the home network.  If that is the case, you will not be able to use Webadvisor from that site.

  • Why don’t I have the Degree Audit option?

    If the Degree Audit option does not appear on your menu, then your academic program of study is not set up to use Degree Audit.  For further information regarding that, please contact the Records Office in Enrollment Services or speak to your academic advisor.
    Enrollment Services

  • Why don’t I have the option to register for classes on Webadvisor?

    Being able to register for classes is dependent upon the academic program you are enrolled in.  Most graduate students can register for classes with the exception of a couple of academic programs.  Many undergraduate students may register for classes on-line through Webadvisor AFTER their initial enrollment.  Some undergraduate and graduate academic programs, however, do not permit on-line registration at all because they require the student to meet with their advisor who will register them.

  • Why don’t I see my grades on Webadvisor?

    If your grades do not appear on Webadvisor then your professor probably has not entered them on Webadvisor yet.  If the professor says they have entered them onto Webadvisor, then Enrollment Services has not yet done the verification process.  The verification process is done at least once daily.  Once the process has been run, the grades will appear.

  • I need an unofficial academic transcript. How do I get one?

    You can use Webadvisor for this.  Just click on the Transcript link.  If you are an alumnus of FDU, you need an FDU email account.  You can create an alumni email account via the WEBMAIL page.  If you cannot get a transcript through Webadvisor then please visit the Enrollment Services web page on ( or call the Enrollment Services office on the campus you attend(ed).

  • I need an official academic transcript. How do I get one?

    Official transcripts are not available through Webadvisor.  Official transcripts may be requested from enrollment services.
    Enrollment Services Transcripts

  • Why don’t I see my Financial Aid Award Letter on Webadvisor so I can accept it?

    If you are expecting to see a Financial Aid Award Letter in Webadvisor and do not then your award is in a pending status and you should contact the Financial Aid Office.  All questions regarding your aid should be addressed directly to the Financial Aid Office.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    Yes you can pay your bill online by clicking on the Make a Payment link.  You MUST have a balance to do this – there are no options for pre-payments of anticipated bills.

  • Account Information: Login, Password Help Information

    Please make sure you follow the directions below during Webadvisor hours of operation listed on the main Webadvisor page.

    Do not click on the Prospective Student tab.

    If you are locked out, the lockout is temporary.

    If you have login issues regarding Webadvisor you must contact the Help Desk at or (973)-443-8822 because that means there is also a problem with your NetID credentials.

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This is a handy little “cheat-sheet” for students, faculty and staff who are trying to understand some of the computer lingo used on campus.  The terms that seem to cause the most confusion for most people all start with the string “Web”.  That is not surprising because there are three systems that start with “Web”: Webadvisor, Webcampus and Webmail.


Webadvisor is a product made by Ellucian, FDU’s administrative system vendor.  Webadvisor does different things for different people depending upon their role at the University.

Webadvisor for Students:

  • Search for Classes
  • Register for Classes
  • Access Class Schedule
  • Print an Unofficial Transcript
  • Check Term Grades
  • Degree Audit
  • Declaration to Graduate
  • Accept or Reject Financial Aid
  • Check Financial Aid Awards
  • View/Print Financial Aid Award Letter
  • Check Account Balance
  • Make a Payment (link to a third-party)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information
  • FERPA Emergency Releases
  • Parent/Guardian/Other Access to Student Information

Webadvisor for Faculty:

  • Search for Classes
  • View Term Class Schedule
  • View Term Rosters
  • Grading On-Line
  • Advisee Information
  • Degree Audit Advising
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Non-Attendance Forms
  • Budget Inquiry (Authorized faculty only)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information

Webadvisor for Staff:

  • Budget Inquiry (Authorized staff only)
  • View Personal/Sick/Vacation Leave Balances (Non-Exempt Staff)
  • FDU Alert Personal Information

A new undergraduate student (freshman or transfer) will get a Webadvisor account after they do two things: obtain an FDU email account (Webmail) and register for classes either through Enrollment Services or their advisor.  After doing these two things, the student will receive an email within two (2) BUSINESS days in their FDU email account saying that their Webadvisor account has been created and that they should use their email credentials as their login credentials for Webadvisor. Graduate students must create their email account and then send an email to from their new FDU email account to request Webadvisor access.  The MIS Department is responsible for Webadvisor and help is available by writing to .  


Webcampus is a course content management system.   FDU’s Webcampus is also known as the Blackboard System.  On-line courses are taught through this system which also allows for interaction between the student and faculty member as well as on-line class discussions.  Webcampus is handled by the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology department.  The Organization feature in Webcampus is used by many faculty and staff members of the University.  To access the Webcampus system, an individual must have a Webmail account.  Any questions or problems with Webcampus should be funneled through the Help Desk.  The Help Desk can be reached by phone at 973-443-8822 or via email to .


Webmail is FDU’s email system and is a means of electronic communication among all faculty, staff and students, as well as off-campus individuals.  It is important that every student have an FDU email account since an FDU email account is a pre-requisite of attaining a Webadvisor or Webcampus account.  The FDU email system is handled by the University Systems and Security Department.  Any questions or problems with Webmail should be funneled through the Help Desk.  The Help Desk can be reached by phone at (973)-443-8822 or via email to

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