ADA Compliance

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Regulatory Law

Any videos distributed on various platforms by FDU must comply with federal regulations concerning accessibility for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. It’s essential to ensure that our content is accessible to all members of our community, in line with these important guidelines.

To read the Americans with Disabilities Act rules and regulations, visit the link below:

Americans with Disabilities Act

Transcription and Closed Captioning

All video projects produced by Multimedia Services must be closed captioned and transcribed. Captions appear onscreen simultaneously with the audio and video and follows the same timing. It exists within the video player. A transcript is the same word-for-word content as captions, but presented in a separate document, whether it is a text file, word processing document, PDF, or web page.

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B-ROLL Acquisition

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What is B-ROLL?

B-ROLL is supplemental footage inserted as a cutaway under narration or interview that helps tell the story. It can be used to introduce a segment or to cover a speaker’s audio or video miscues.

Acquiring B-ROLL

Multimedia Services has a significant amount of B-ROLL, however, there are projects that are so specific that we will not have the exact material required. In these situations, the producer will need to schedule a day(s) to acquire the footage. In some cases, scenarios may need to be created. If B-ROLL needs to be recorded off campus, permits may be required.

Requesting Access to B-ROLL Previously Captured

We currently grant access to existing B-ROLL via direct request. Our B-ROLL catalog is currently hosted on OneDrive and can be shared with anyone in and outside of FDU upon request. For access to our B-ROLL, please email


Multimedia Services is diligently organizing and labeling our extensive collection of B-ROLL footage in preparation for the launch of a new cloud-based video library, set to become available in Summer 2024. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and search-ability, ensuring efficient use of our valuable video resources.

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Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Virtual Classroom

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Zoom comes pre-stocked with numerous security features designed to control online classrooms, prevent disruption, and help educators effectively teach remotely. Here are some best practices for securing your virtual classroom using Zoom.

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Budget Transfers and Invoicing

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Project Quotes

Upon request, we are able to provide an initial quote for your video project, giving you an estimated cost. For a more accurate estimate, please provide as many details as possible about the project. To initiate your video project and request a quote, please email


Quoted prices serves as an estimate and the final price may exceed the initially quoted amount, depending on the actual hours worked to complete the project.

Invoicing After Project Completion

Once a project is completed, an invoice will be generated that accurately reflects the predetermined cost associated with the production. An e-mail will be sent to the initial contractor of the production, and a GL account number will be requested to be added to the invoice and sent to Finance to complete the transfer.


Prior to the processing of any budget transfers, it’s mandatory for the invoice to receive written approval from the either the supervisor in charge of the GL budget code, or the project leader. This step ensures proper authorization and accountability.

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Cisco Unified Communications Headset Selection and Pricing

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As a staff or faculty member, you can request a Headset for the new Cisco IP Unified Communications system.

Below you will find PDF’s containing headset offerings and the pricing sheet.

Note: With the selection of a headset, please note which Cisco phone model your headset will being connecting to.

The prices on this sheet have been pre-negotiated with our vendor. A quote is not needed to place an order for one of the approved headsets. Only approved headsets can be attached to Unified Communications devices.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Kogut at (203)-851-7083

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Cisco Unified Communications Phone System Manuals

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Below you can download the manuals for the new FDU Unified Communications Phone Systems from Cisco. The manuals provide information on how to use and access the voicemail features.

Florham and Metro


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Classroom Technology

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FDU has a number of technology enhanced classrooms that are capable of video/computer projection. To find out if your classroom is on this list please review the charts below for your campus:

Metropolitan Campus Technology Chart


Scroll left to right on the chart if viewing on a Mobile device or in Desktop preview mode. To view the full chart, rotate your Mobile device into landscape mode. On Desktop, press the full screen button (icon with expanding arrows inside of a circle) on the top right of the article header.

Building NameProjector Enabled RoomsDVD/VCR Combo RoomsSpeaker EnabledHDMI JackSmartboard
Becton Hall202YesYesLaser
Becton Hall205Yes YesLaser
Becton Hall208YesYesLaser
Becton Hall302Only DVD YesYesYes
Becton Hall304Only DVD YesYesYes
Becton Hall305 YesYes
Becton Hall306 YesYes
Becton Hall402 YesLaser
Becton Hall403/404 (LED Screen)Yes YesYesYes
Becton Hall405 YesLaser
Becton Hall406 YesLaser
Becton Hall407 YesLaser
Becton Hall408 YesLaser
Becton Hall Conference Room307
Dickinson Hall1104YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1128YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1129YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1142YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1143Yes YesYes
Dickinson Hall1144Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall1148 Yes
Dickinson Hall1149YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1150YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1151YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall1152 (LED Television)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1153 (LED Televison)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1165 (LED Televison)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall1170 (LED Television)YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall2135YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall2137Yes YesYes
Dickinson Hall2177YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall2178YesYesLaserYes
Dickinson Hall2230Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall2249 YesYesYes
Dickinson Hall2262Individual DVD & VCR Yes
Dickinson Hall2263 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall4468YesLaser
Dickinson Hall4469YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall4473YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall4475Yes YesLaser
Dickinson Hall5504YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5506YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5509 Laser
Dickinson Hall5520 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall5523 YesYes
Dickinson Hall5529YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall5534YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall – Conference Room1191 Laser
Dickinson Hall – Conference Room2245 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall – Continuing Education1127YesYesLaser
Dickinson Hall (Lab A)2163 YesLaser
Dickinson Hall (Lab B)2164 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building201 YesYes
Edward Williams Building202 YesYes
Edward Williams Building203 Yes
Edward Williams Building204 YesYesYes
Edward Williams Building205 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building206 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building207 YesYes
Edward Williams Building209 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building301 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building302 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building303 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building304 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building305 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building306YesLaser
Edward Williams Building308 YesLaser
Edward Williams Building309 YesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingCommons 1YesYesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingCommons 2YesYesLaser
Edward Williams BuildingAuditoriumYesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWriting Lab YesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWLB 3YesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryWLB 4YesYesLaser
Giovatto LibraryAuditoriumYesYes
Giovatto LibraryWLB 1 (LED Screen)YesYes (TV Speakers)
Giovatto LibraryWLB2 (LED Screen)YesYes (TV Speakers)
Multipurpose RoomYesYesYesLaser
Muscarelle105Yes YesLaser
Muscarelle203Yes YesLaser
Muscarelle204 YesLaser
Muscarelle206Yes Yes Yes
Muscarelle207L YesLaser
Muscarelle207RYesYes Yes
Robison Annex100Yes YesLaser
Robison Annex101YesYesLaser
Robison Annex203Yes YesYes
Robison Annex204YesYesYes
Robison Annex205Yes YesLaser
Robison Annex300 YesLaser
Robison Annex301 YesYes
Robison Annex303 YesLaser
Robison Annex304YesYesLaser
Robison Annex305 YesLaser
Robison Hall23BYesYesLaser
Robison Hall501
Robison Hall503 Laser
Rutherford RoomYesYesYesLaser
University Hall TheatreLED ScreenYes
University HallFront Lab YesLaser
University HallBack Lab YesLaser
University HallMultimedia Lab YesYes Laser
Williams Hall Yes
Williams Hall102YesYesLaser
Williams Hall107YesYesLaser
Williams Hall201 YesLaser
Williams Hall202 YesLaser
Williams Hall203 YesLaser
Williams Hall206 YesLaser
Williams Hall207 YesYes
Wilson AuditoriumYesYesYesLaser
Florham Campus Technology Chart


Scroll left to right on the chart if viewing on a Mobile device or in Desktop preview mode. To view the full chart, rotate your Mobile device into landscape mode. On Desktop, press the full screen button (icon with expanding arrows inside of a circle) on the top right of the article header.

Building NameProjector Enabled RoomsDVD/VCR Combo RoomsSpeaker EnabledHDMI JackSmartboard
Dreyfuss Building102YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building103YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building104YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building105YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building106YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building107YesYesLaser
Dreyfuss Building121Yes Laser
Dreyfuss Building125YesYes Laser
Dreyfuss Building206 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building207 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building208 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building209YesLaser
Dreyfuss Building210 YesYes
Dreyfuss Building211
Dreyfuss Building212
Dreyfuss Building213
Dreyfuss BuildingTheater
Hennessey Room 1Yes Yes Yes
Hennessey Room 2Yes Yes Yes
LibraryLibrary ClassroomYes Yes Laser
Mansion12Yes YesLaser
Mansion17Yes YesLaser
Mansion30Yes YesLaser
Mansion33Yes YesYes
Mansion35Yes YesLaser
Moninger 105 Just DVDYesYesYes
Moninger 106 Just DVDYesYesYes
Moninger 107YesJust DVDYesLaser
Moninger 113Yes YesYes
Moninger 118 Just DVDYesLCD ScreenYes
Moninger 119 Just DVDYesLCD ScreenYes
Moninger 205 Yes
Moninger 206 Yes
Moninger 210 Yes
Moninger 228YesYesLaser
OrangerieYes YesYes
Science Building1 YesYes
Science Building3 Yes
Science Building6 Yes
Science Building7Yes YesYes
Science Building9 YesYes
Science Building11Yes YesLaser
Science Building15A YesYes
Science Building17YesYesYes
Science Building18 YesYes
Science Building19 YesLaser
Student CenterSammartino RoomYes YesYes
Student CenterFlorham RoomYes YesYes
Student CenterWroxton RoomYesYes
Student CenterBottle Hill Room
Twombly LoungeYesYesYesLaser
Zen Building102YesYesLaser
Zen Building103YesYesLaser
Zen Building104YesYesLCD Panel
Zen Building105YesYes
Zen Building106YesYes
Zen Building107YesYesYes
Zen Building108YesYesYes
Zen Building109YesYesLaser
Zen Building110DVD onlyYesLCD PanelYes
Zen Building202YesYesYes
Zen Building203YesYesYes
Zen Building204Yes YesYes
Zen Building205YesYesYes
Zen Building206YesYesLCD Panel
Zen Building207Yes YesYes
Zen Building208DVD onlyYesLCD PanelYes
Zen Building209YesYesYes
Zen Building210 Laser
Zen Building211 YesYesYes
Zen Building212 YesYesYes
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Computer Lab Mission Statement

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The FDU computer labs provide a safe and welcoming study space for our users. The computer labs provide access to technological resources such as: current specialty software applications for a variety of majors, access to online libraries for research, internet access, and print services. Our labs are also available to faculty for instruction in both technology-intensive and non-intensive majors. The computer labs are also used as a venue for various workshops and university programs. The lab hours are flexible to meet the needs of both resident students and commuter students. The lab operations also provide on-campus work opportunities for our students to develop their skills and offer customer service and technical support to our campus community.

FDU Computer Labs Provide:

  • A conducive learning space that enables students to develop the skills necessary for collaboration and teamwork.
  • Hands on experience with current hardware and software applications used for a variety of majors.
  • Students access to the same technology resources for the purposes of research, printing, and producing professional work.
  • Customer service and on-site technical support from our student staff.
  • Access and opportunities for students to develop their computer skills.
  • Interactive learning opportunities between faculty and students; theory and application in one setting under the supervision of faculty with the support of student staff.

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Computer Lab Reservation Policy

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Due to the increasing demand of the academic computer facilities, a general document detailing the policies for computer lab reservations has been outlined. The purpose of the computer lab reservation policy is to provide faculty, staff and students with equitable access to campus computing lab resources. Most computer labs are used as classrooms and they are available for open-access use when there are no classes in session.

There are currently four Computing Services computer labs which can be used for classroom instruction on each campus. They are: D206, D207, D208, and D209 located in the Dreyfuss Building on the Florham Campus. The computer labs located on the Metropolitan Campus are: DH2163 and DH2164 in Dickinson Hall and UH Front Lab (UH22) and UH Back Lab (UH28) in University Hall. Also, there are three multimedia labs; two on the Florham campus and one on the Metropolitan campus. The multimedia labs for the Florham Campus are: D211-Animation Lab and ZEN110 – Graphic Design Lab) located in the Dreyfuss and ZEN Buildings. On the Metropolitan campus, the multimedia lab (MML) is located in Becton Hall Room 403. The multimedia labs are primarily used for courses offered by the FDU School of Arts. All labs used for classroom instruction and general use are equipped with a LaserJet printer and data projector. The Animation Lab is equipped with 3-D printers. All multimedia labs are equipped with ZOOM capability to support hybrid instruction.

If you have any questions regarding the lab reservation policy, please contact Denzel James via email at:

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Computer Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations

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As technology evolves and new features are offered, there may be times when unwanted or unexpected things happen. This page is dedicated to providing some tips, tricks, and recommendations to circumvent these undesired circumstances.

Normalize Sound Levels – Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 automatically adjusts audio levels between different applications. This can affect the level of sounds from various applications depending on what program is currently being used. This feature can be turned off using the instructions below.

  1. From the Sound Icon in your task bar, single right-click
  1. Click “Sounds
  1. Click “Communications” tab.
  1. Select the “Do nothing” radial button
  1. Click “Apply
  2. Click “OK

Adjust Microphone Settings – Windows

To ensure clear and audible audio in virtual meeting applications, such as Zoom, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Right-click the Audio icon in the system tray portion of the task bar
  1. Click “Sounds
  1. Click “Recording


Not all options may be visible.

  1. Right Click on “Microphone Array” and select “Properties
  1. Click the “Advanced” and un-check “Enable Audio Enhancements
  1. Click “Apply
  1. Click “OK

Adjust Power Options – Lenovo Laptops

Default power profiles in Windows 10 are configured to balance performance and battery life. To change these settings, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Start, and then click “Settings
  1. Click on “System
  1. Select “Power & Sleep
  1. To modify power settings while the laptop is plugged in or on battery power, modify the below options


Selecting higher times may result in shorter battery life

  1. For additional power settings, such as the laptop lid and power button settings, click Additional power settings


Depending on window size, this option may be located towards the bottom or on the right side of the screen.

  1. Select either “Choose what the power buttons door “Choose what closing the lid does
  1. The options below will allow modifying the effects of pressing the power button and closing the lid


Setting DO NOTHING when closing the lid can lead to drastically less battery life as well as overheating when the laptop is placed inside a bag or briefcase.


Restarting A Computer

Rebooting a device is highly encouraged as it will help keep the system running at peak performance. The benefits of a weekly reboot include:

  • Mitigate vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks by applying critical updates
  • Prevent performance degradation
  • Prevent application memory faults
  • Effectively apply system policies

To restart a device, follow the instruction below.


Make sure any open application is saved and closed before a restart is performed. This includes applications like Outlook, Word, Excel and any other applications that may be opend.

Instructions for Windows
  1. Click the Start bottom on the bottom left hand side of the task bar
  1. Click the “Powerbutton
  1. Click “Restart


Clicking “Shutdown” will not always properly apply updates or produce the desired effect. Clicking “restart” is the recomended option.

Instructions for macOS
  1. Click the “Apple” at the top left-hand side of your screen
  1. Click “Restart
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