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Matplotlib for Python

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps. Using Power Apps, you can quickly build custom apps that connect to data stored throughout Microsoft 365.

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A Suite of Protocols and Technologies with a Sophisticated Development Environment. By modeling all network types and technologies (including VoIP, TCP, OSPFv3, MPLS, IPv6, and more), Riverbed Modeler analyzes networks to compare the impact of different technology designs on end-to-end behavior.

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Netduino SDK

The Netduino SDK includes project templates that make it easy to get started with Netduino, USB drivers for Netduino, and other Netduino-specific tools.

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NumPy is a library for the Python programming language, adding support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, along with a large collection of high-level mathematical functions to operate on these arrays.

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Oracle Primavera

Primavera is an enterprise project portfolio management software. It includes project management, scheduling, risk analysis, opportunity management, resource management, collaboration and control capabilities, and integrates with other enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP’s ERP systems.

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PSPICE allows you to design your own circuits, with the ability to do a real simulations and see how they will act in real life. With the simulation, you will be able to see how well a design performs and how you can improve it before any real life application.

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CPU simulation software. The newest version of Spim simulation software is called QtSpim.

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R (Programming Language)

RSLinx Classic

RSLinx Classic is the most widely-installed communication server in automation today. RSLinx Classic Lite can be used either as an application or service. RSLinx Classic Lite, RSLinx Classic OEM or FactoryTalk Gateway as an application provide the ability to program controllers, flash firmware and batch sequencing.

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